Shop Xxxxxxx definition

Shop Xxxxxxx means an employee at any establishment who has been duly elected as a shop xxxxxxx in terms of the constitution of the trade union and who has been recognised by the employer as a shop xxxxxxx; "short-time" means a temporary reduction in the number of ordinary weekly hours of work in an establishment due to slackness of work or other exigencies of trade;
Shop Xxxxxxx. The Employer shall recognize Shop Stewards as appointed by the Union or elected by the members at each studio and/or location. Any person so appointed or so elected shall have the complete cooperation of the Employer in the reasonable performance of his/her duties to inspect all working conditions affecting the terms of the Agreement. As I.A. Local 891’s safety representative the Shop Xxxxxxx shall be recognized as an active member of the Employer’s Joint Occupational Safety & Health committee.
Shop Xxxxxxx means an employee appointed by the Union to see that rates and conditions of this Agree- ment are maintained.

Examples of Shop Xxxxxxx in a sentence

  • The Grievance is defined as an alleged violation of the Collective Agreement or a case where either party has acted unjustly or improperly in the administration of the Collective The employees covered by this Agreement shall select a Shop Xxxxxxx in each Division as defined in Article The said Shop Xxxxxxx shall comprise the Grievance Committee, whose names shall be made known to the Employer.

  • Where no Department Xxxxxxx exists, the employee may choose to be accompanied by the hotel Shop Xxxxxxx.

  • No employee shall be reprimanded, suspended or dismissed except in the presence of a Shop Xxxxxxx or a Union Executive member.

  • In The event of the death of any member of the bargaining unit, the President or his appointee and Shop Xxxxxxx of the Department concerned shall be granted paid leave up to a maximum of four hours for the purpose of attending the funeral and to pay last respects to the deceased.

  • The procedure for discussion of any grievances which may arise shall be as follows: FIRST STEP: By discussion between the employee concerned with the Shop Xxxxxxx, or a member of the Grievance Committee, and their Line Manager.

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Shop Xxxxxxx. No discrimination shall be shown against any Shop Xxxxxxx for carrying out their duties. It is also agreed that the Union will advise the Xxxxxxx of the appointment of a Shop Xxxxxxx. The Xxxxxxx will advise the Union before discharging a Shop Xxxxxxx. They will be the second last to be laid off. The contractor and the Association will be notified in writing before the Xxxxxxx is recognized.
Shop Xxxxxxx means and refer only to employees who 354 are designated by THE UNION in writing to THE EMPLOYER as 355 authorized representatives of the employees for grievance procedure 356 purposes. Whenever such authorization is withdrawn as to an individual 357 Shop Xxxxxxx or a new Shop Xxxxxxx is added to the number of those 358 authorized, THE UNION shall promptly notify THE EMPLOYER in 359 writing of such action. THE EMPLOYER and its representative shall be 360 fully protected with a Shop Xxxxxxx so authorized with respect to any 361 grievance as to which (s)he has at any time purported to represent the 362 aggrieved employee and they need not deal with any Shop Xxxxxxx not so 363 authorized.
Shop Xxxxxxx. The employee designated to represent the Union in the workplace. All grievances from employees are officially channeled through the Shop Xxxxxxx.
Shop Xxxxxxx means a member of Local 4050 who is elected or appointed amongst the employees covered by this Collective Agreement to act on their behalf. "Workweek" A workweek will be considered to be from Sunday 00:01 to Saturday 23:59 "Lead Hand'' A full-time employee who assigns work to other employees under the direction of the employees' supervisor. However, they shall not have the authority to hire, suspend, dismiss or discipline employees, nor shall they participate in any disciplinary meetings unless acting on behalf of the member.
Shop Xxxxxxx means an employee at any establishment who has been duly elected as a shop xxxxxxx in terms of the constitution of the trade union and who has been recognised by the employer as a shop xxxxxxx;
Shop Xxxxxxx means a person appointed by the Union to liaise between the Employer, Facility and Union members. Facility means the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.