Trip Sample Clauses

Trip. INVESTIMENTOS LTDA., a limited liability company with head office in the City of Campinas, State of São Paulo, at Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, 0000, Xxxxxx Imperador, Condomínio Flex Buildings, Módulo 2, CEP 13097-104, registered as taxpayer under CNPJ/MF No. 15.300.240/0001-89, herein represented by its undersigned legal representatives (“TRIP Investimentos”); and
Trip. The assignment by the Employer for driving a school bus other than as defined in Article 2.11
Trip. Travel for the purposes of tourism, leisure, business or participating in a commercial activity requiring the insured person’s absence from the province of residence.
Trip. A series of flights normally commencing 1 hour prior to scheduled or rescheduled departure time from a pilot’s base and normally terminating 30 minutes after actual block-in at his base, except as provided in Section 12.A.6. (Operational Trip Return to Base) and 12.B.3. (Standby).
Trip. Non-routine transportation of students to and from a school sanctioned activity for which a bus requisition is required.
Trip. A bus trip (not a regular school year route or summer route) that includes, but is not limited to, field trips, recurring extra trips, seasonal/athletic trips, extracurricular and co-curricular trips.
Trip. A trip means the temporary stay of the insured person outside the Republic of Estonia.
Trip. A trip begins when a bus leaves the garage, picks up the sponsoring group, delivers the sponsoring group to their destination, either remains or returns bus to garage (drop only trip) or returns to pick up the sponsoring group, return the group to their point of origin, and returns the bus to the garage.
Trip. Each instance when a Licensee’s TNC Vehicle engaged in a Mobile App transaction crosses the Airport’s Geo-Fence to either drop-off or pick-up a passenger within the Geo-Fence Area.