Trips Sample Clauses

Trips. A. A trip is transportation to and from an extracurricular activity or an activity outside of the normal classroom setting. The term driver in section 3 refers to Bus Driver and Bus Paraprofessional II.
Trips. The District shall be committed to utilizing the Transportation Department for activity/ athletic trips. However, the District may utilize charter buses for up to twelve (12) trips on a school year basis. Additionally, charter buses may be used for all trips that are privately funded. Privately funded trips are defined as those trips for which the District would not have otherwise provided funding. In the event that requests are made for transportation outside the parameters of the above agreed upon language, the parties agree to engage in discussion prior to approving those trips.
Trips. 1. The duties of the bus driver are to drive the bus. All trips, excluding specials within the District, will have at least one (1) chaperone per bus and no chaperoning will be expected on the part of the driver. Due to extenuating circumstances, if no chaperone is available the Transportation Supervisor will be informed, prior to the trip, and have final say if one is needed.
Trips. Trip assignments will be distributed and rotated equitably among drivers and there shall be two (2) separate rotation lists for the assignment of these trips as indicated in Section 9 of this Article.
Trips. 1. A minimum of three (3) hours will be paid for Saturday and Sunday trips and for trips on non-scheduled school days during the school year.
Trips a. Sections not placed directly into flying schedules will be combined into trips. Trips will then be placed into flying schedules.
Trips. A. Regular drivers on the trip board shall be used for all school bus trips that are not part of basic runs, including add-ons.
Trips a. Eligibility for athletic trips and field trips (trips) shall be limited to regular bus drivers. A regular driver, for this purpose, shall be defined as a driver who drives either a morning or afternoon run, or both, on a daily basis. A driver who holds an additional position or responsibility in the district is eligible for placement on the trip rotation.