TRAVELLING Sample Clauses

TRAVELLING. 46.1 Where an employee is required by the Council to travel on Council business outside his headquarters area as normally defined by the Council, the method of travel shall be determined by the Council and the employee shall be compensated in the following manner:
TRAVELLING. 39.1 All air travel shall be made by a regular passenger carrying airline or by a passenger carrying charter flight on the airline of the Employers choice. Engaged by the week or for longer period
TRAVELLING. (a) When a musician is required to travel outside a radius of 15 miles from Quarry Hill, Leeds to the venue at which he/she will be required to perform, the Management shall pay to the musician the equivalent of a “Off Peakreturn rail fare from Leeds to the venue for each engagement. Players of harp, double bass and percussion shall be paid two “Off Peak” return tickets.
TRAVELLING. 17.01 Where an employee is required by the Employer to travel outside of his or her headquarters area and on government business as these expressions are normally defined by the Employer, and such travel is approved by the Employer, his or her method of travel shall be determined by the Employer, and he or she shall be compensated in the following manner:
TRAVELLING. 19.01 There shall be a forty (40) kilometre radius free-zone around all projects within the jurisdiction of the Union. The center of this free-zone shall be a job shack established on the job site.
TRAVELLING. Overtime compensation referred to in article shall only be applicable on a work day for hours in excess of the employee’s daily scheduled hours of work. Acting Pay The qualifying period for acting pay as specified in Article shall be converted to hours.
TRAVELLING. 17.01 Halifax/Dartmouth/Bedford free zone: There shall be a free zone for employees working within a fifty-five (55) kilometre radius of the centre of the Xxxxx X. XxxXxxxxx Bridge in the County of Halifax as demonstrated in the diagram below. Travel and daily living allowance will not apply when traveling to and working within this free zone (17.01). 55 kms
TRAVELLING. Traveling cost will be charged at R4.00 per kilometre travelled on the day in relation to the event. Discount will be given after 200 kilometres should the client arrange so with Pie in the Sky. Any additional traveling required on the day which was not included on the estimate or made known to Pie in the Sky beforehand, will be subject to payment by the client.