PASSENGERS Sample Clauses

PASSENGERS. THE CARRIER shall be liable for damages resulting from death or bodily injury to a Passenger by the sole reason that the act which caused the damages took place on board the aircraft or during boarding or deboarding the aircraft.
PASSENGERS. No driver shall allow anyone, other than employees of the Employer who are on duty, to ride on his truck except by written authorization of the Employer, or except in cases of emergency arising out of disabled commercial equipment or an Act of God. No more than two (2) people shall ride in the cab of a tractor unless required by government agencies or the necessity of checking of equipment. This shall not prohibit drivers from picking up other drivers, helpers or others in wrecked or broken down motor equipment and transporting them to the first (1st) available point of communication, repair, lodging or available medical attention. Nor shall this prohibit the transportation of other drivers from the driver’s own company at a delivery point or terminal to a restaurant for meals.
PASSENGERS. THE CARRIER’s liability shall be limited to twenty-five grams of pure gold per Passenger.
PASSENGERS. If THE CARRIER proves that the injured person caused or contributed to the damage, the court may, pursuant to applicable legal provisions, release or mitigate THE CARRIER’s liability. THE CARRIER shall not be liable for a Passenger’s sickness which is not attributable to THE CARRIER’s negligence.
PASSENGERS. In some cases THE CARRIER may limit its liability if it proves that:
PASSENGERS. THE CARRIER’s liability may be released or mitigated if it proves that the injured person caused or contributed to the damage.
PASSENGERS. THE CARRIER shall not be able to exclude or limit its liability if damages as described in paragraph do not exceed 128, 821 Special Drawing Rights per Passenger. THE CARRIER shall not be liable for damages described in paragraph exceeding the amount of 128, 821 Special Drawing Rights per Passenger if it proves that: