Sporting Events definition

Sporting Events means athletics, badminton, basketball, billiards, amateur boxing, amateur wrestling, cricket, cycling, flying, model aeroplane flying, football, golf, hockey, netball, polo, swimming, tennis, weightlifting, yachting, and such other activities as may be prescribed.
Sporting Events. Markets/Fairs •Contractors/Sub-Contractors • Special Events (i.e. dances, shows, festivals, etc.)
Sporting Events for purposes of this policy means any of the following athletic activities that is organized, operated, managed, or sponsored by the School (i) a game; (ii) a performance; (iii) a practice; (iv) a sports camp; (v) a physical education class; (vi) a competition; (vii) a tryout; (viii) recess and field days.

Examples of Sporting Events in a sentence

  • The parties have committed to discussing events produced by the Employer that are not Professional or NCAA Football or Men’s Basketball Sporting Events.

  • All leave for Territorial, Northern or National Sporting Events shall be approved by the employee's supervisor.

  • This exception does not apply to any other stipends listed above or to any future Sporting Events Monitor.

  • Where an employee requires time away from work for a substantial reason (i.e. Additional Compassionate, Reserve Forces, Major Sporting Events, Study) they may be granted paid leave at the discretion of the employer.

  • Supervision at Sporting Events Supervision of After-School Activities, i.e. Open House, Orientation, Concerts, etc.

  • This credit note will be valid for eighteen (18) months on the ticketing of the Sporting Events that will be on sale during this period.

  • Research/Computer Program $ 940 $ 980 $1,025 Register $1,150 $1,200 $1,255 Coordinator of National School $ 365 $ 380 $ 395 Lunch Program Ski Club Coordinator (per trip) $ 105 $ 110 $ 115 Holiday Show Program $1,360 $1,420 $1,485 Sporting Events Monitor* $ 80 $ 85 $ 90 * Note: The current Sporting Events Monitor shall continue to be paid on a monthly basis.

  • AdventHealth will ensure one Athletic Trainer attends the following Home Sporting Events: Varsity Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, and other sporting events that are identified and listed in a reasonable time beforehand.

  • The Major Sporting Events (lndicia and Images) Protection Xxx 0000 (the Act) was introduced in July 2014 to protect indicia (for example signs, indications or distinguishing marks) and images associated with certain major sporting events that the Australian Government has committed to support.

  • Student Spectators at Sporting Events If St. Xxxxxx’s Academy students, who are spectators, commit unsportsmanlike behavior, they will be asked to leave the area and may be banned from attending any future St. Joseph’s Academy athletic contest.

More Definitions of Sporting Events

Sporting Events. Any event involving wrestling, boxing or any other contact type sport, or any event that could or may cause harm to the participants or spectators IS PROHIBITED.
Sporting Events means individual or team professional sports, amateur sports, or college sports
Sporting Events means any sports events in which there is usage of music involving the performance in public of music.
Sporting Events. ' means such activities as are prescribed in the s·econd schedule to this Ordinance;

Related to Sporting Events

  • Sporting event means any of the following athletic activities that is organized, operated, managed, or sponsored by the School:

  • Triggering Events means each of the following events:

  • designated sporting event generally means any association football match, whether national or international. The full legal definition of the different classes of designated sporting events may be found in the Sports Grounds and Sporting Events (Designation) (Amendment) Order 2011, under Article 2(1) and 2(2) of Schedule 2.

  • Liquidating Events shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1.

  • Events Each of the following events or conditions will constitute an Event of Default and a repudiation of this Agreement by Lessee (whether any such event or condition is voluntary or involuntary or occurs by operation of law or pursuant to or in compliance with any judgment, decree or order of any court or any order, rule or regulation of any Government Entity):-

  • Financing Event means the earlier of (i) a public offering by the Company of its Common Stock with aggregate gross proceeds of at least $5 million; or (ii) the listing of the Company’s Common Stock on a National Securities Exchange, as such term is defined under the Exchange Act.

  • Disabling Event means the General Partner ceasing to be the general partner of the Partnership pursuant to Section 17-402 of the Act.

  • Training Event means either a Course or Online Training, or both.

  • Special Events means sports complex events, City of Philadelphia events, weather, and other events that have been or are identified as such by the RTMC.

  • Excluded Events has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1(d)(ii).

  • Termination Events means each of the events specified in Clause 10.3 of this Contract.

  • Triggering Event of Default means (i) any Event of Default with respect to an obligation of the Mortgage Loan Borrower to pay money due under the Mortgage Loan or (ii) any non-monetary Event of Default as a result of which the Mortgage Loan becomes a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan (which, for clarification, shall not include any imminent Event of Default (i.e., subclause (vii) of the definition of Special Servicing Loan Event)).

  • Subsequent Triggering Event means either of the following events or transactions occurring after the date hereof:

  • Liquidating Event has the meaning set forth in Section 13.1 hereof.

  • Terminating Event means any of the following events:

  • Accounting Event has the meaning set forth in the Supplemental Indenture.

  • Triggering Event means any Section 11(a)(ii) Event or any Section 13 Event.

  • Company Triggering Event shall be deemed to have occurred if: (a) the Company shall have made a Company Board Adverse Recommendation Change; (b) the Company Board or any committee thereof shall have publicly approved, endorsed or recommended any Acquisition Proposal; or (c) the Company shall have entered into any letter of intent or similar document relating to any Acquisition Proposal in violation of the terms of the Agreement.

  • Material Events means any of the events listed in Section 3 of this Continuing Disclosure Undertaking.

  • Restructuring Event means the occurrence of any one or more of the following events:

  • Disqualifying Event has the meaning specified in the definition of “Eligible Currency”.

  • Vesting Event means the earliest to occur of the following events:

  • Anticipated Closing Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.6(a).

  • Sharing Event means (a) the occurrence of any Event of Default under Section 7.1(e), (b) the declaration of the termination of any Commitment, or the acceleration of the maturity of any Loans, in each case in accordance with Section 7.2 or (iii) the failure of any Borrower to pay any principal of, or interest on, any Loans or any LOC Obligations on the Maturity Date.

  • Equity Listing Event means an initial public offering of shares in the Issuer, after which such shares shall be quoted, listed, traded or otherwise admitted to trading on a regulated market or unregulated market.