Tickets Sample Clauses

Tickets. (a) This Agreement grants you a revocable license to use the seats listed in the attached invoice (the “Seats”) for those selected 2022-23 NHL preseason and regular season games played by the Kings at Arena (the “Arena”) as identified on the invoice (collectively, the “Kings Home Games” and each individually, a “Kings Home Game”) (and future preseason and regular season games pursuant to the auto renewal provisions herein). These rights are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Tickets. When an employee has an “ A gas ticket the employee shall receive one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per hour in addition to the employee’s regular rate of pay, when used.
Tickets. 1. General Admission tickets shall be approved by all parties with input from the CITY; the cost shall be TEN DOLLARS ($10) for Pre-Sale and FIFTEEN DOLLARS ($15) on Game Day.
Tickets i. HIGH SCHOOL shall be allowed to sell pre-sale tickets from date of receipt until the Wednesday PRIOR TO GAME DAY. HIGH SCHOOL shall receive and shall be entitled to retain all revenue from tickets pre- sold. HIGH SCHOOL shall return all of the remaining unsold tickets to CITY by noon on Thursday the week of the competition.
Tickets. HTA will determine eligibility for Contractor’s services and will provide eligible persons with tickets to be used for such purpose. Contractor will provide transportation services hereunder to any person producing the required number of valid tickets for the trip requested. Contractor will collect one ticket for each of the zones traveled as described in Section 3, such zones are shown in Exhibit 1. HTA will reimburse HCAOG for fares. These funds will be deposited back into the State Transportation Assistance Fund for future allocation.
Tickets. Subject to the ticket plan to be developed by FIFA, the Host City shall be entitled to purchase a certain number of tickets and ticket products for the Matches in the Host City (in an amount to be determined by FIFA at a later stage) prior to making such tickets or ticket products available for sale to the general public. In such case, the Host City agrees to fully comply with the standard terms and conditions and any further special requirements defined by FIFA for the use of any tickets or ticket products at a later stage, in particular to not use any such tickets or ticket products for any commercial purposes, whether by way of price offerings, competitions, sweepstakes or otherwise.
Tickets. Only persons with tickets for the Area may be in the Area as applicable at any time. The use of the Area by Customer and Customer’s guests is subject to the terms and conditions printed on or accompanying each ticket. Customer shall itself and shall cause its guests at all times to (a) maintain proper decorum while using the Area; and (ii) observe all rules and regulations established from time to time by The Phillies and its concessionaires pertaining to the use of the Area. Notwithstanding anything in the Event Agreement to the contrary, The Phillies reserve the right to remove any person from the Area and/or from Citizens Bank Park at any time in its discretion.
Tickets. Please confirm if tickets will be sold for your event. This helps to determine if events are private or public. An event will be classified as public where tickets have been sold, even if the guest list is restricted ie for a birthday party.