Cellular Phone Sample Clauses

Cellular Phone. Employer shall provide Employee with a cellular phone for his use in performing his responsibilities with Employer. In the alternative, Employer shall pay Employee’s cellular phone expense.
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Cellular Phone. Executive is eligible to receive one cellular telephone issued through the Employer's corporate account for use on the Employer's business. The phone will remain the property of the Employer and must be returned upon termination of Executive's employment with the Employer.
Cellular Phone. The Company or the Bank shall provide Executive with a cellular phone and shall pay (or reimburse) Executive for all reasonable expenses related to the business use of such phone.
Cellular Phone. The Company shall, during the Term of Employment, provide the Executive with and pay for the Executive’s use of a cellular phone for business and reasonable personal use.
Cellular Phone. At no cost to Employee, City shall provide Employee with the use of a City-owned cellular phone. Employee shall reimburse City for all cell phone charges incurred for personal use not related to the performance of his job.
Cellular Phone. Employer will pay for and provide Executive with a cellular phone, phone service and wireless connectivity device for business use if so requested by the Executive.
Cellular Phone. Commencing January 1, 2004, the Company shall provide Employee with a Company cellular phone for Company business. Until such time as the Company purchases or leases cellular phones on its own account, the Company shall reimburse the Employee his expenses in maintaining and using one cellular phone (one number).
Cellular Phone. The Company shall provide the Employee with a cellular phone, and shall finance the use thereof up to the sum set by time to time by the Company. Any use beyond this sum shall be deducted directly from the Employee’s Salary, and the Employee hereby consents to this. The use of the cellular phone shall be for personal and work related matters. Tax in respect of this benefit shall be paid by the Employee. It is the Employee’s responsibility to preserve the cell phone. In any event, the Employee shall not be entitled to use the cell phone as a pledge and shall relinquish it to the Company promptly upon its first request.
Cellular Phone. The Company will provide the Employee with a personal cellular phone and shall bear expenses associated with the usage of the employee's personal cellular phone as indicated in Appendix 1. Any tax withholding arising out of this reimbursement shall be solely borne by the employee.
Cellular Phone. The Company shall provide the Employee, at the Company's sole cost and expense, a cellular phone, according to company practice. All taxes with respect to the cellular phone shall be borne by the Company.