Legal Representatives definition

Legal Representatives means a Grantee’s executors or administrators.
Legal Representatives means any and all executors, administrators, committees, guardians, conservators or trustees, in bankruptcy or otherwise, of a Member.
Legal Representatives means a Grantee's executors or administrators.

Examples of Legal Representatives in a sentence

  • No option granted under the Plan shall be transferable otherwise than by will or the laws of descent and distribution, and options may be exercised, during the lifetime of the optionee, only by the optionee or his Legal Representatives.

  • The decision to grant authorisation will take into account the opinion of the Legal Representatives as well as that of Our own advisers.

  • The decision to grant authorisation will take into account the opinion of the Legal Representatives as well as that of Chubb’s own advisers.

  • The Defence and the Legal Representatives of Victims may also submit observations in this regard.

  • We may require You to ask the Legal Representatives to have the Legal Expenses assessed, taxed or audited to determine to what extent Legal Expenses are payable.

More Definitions of Legal Representatives

Legal Representatives means court personnel, attorneys-at-law and their assistants such as paralegals and investigators.
Legal Representatives means any trustee, receiver, custodian and/or any other person or entity appointed or authorized to act in a representative capacity by a court or any other governmental or quasi-governmental entity, whether appointed pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code or otherwise. No rules of construction against the drafter of this Agreement shall apply in any interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement, any documents or certificates executed pursuant hereto, or any provisions of any of the foregoing.
Legal Representatives means in addition to executors and administrators, every person, partnership, corporation, or association succeeding to the interest or to any part of the interest in or to this license or in the subject matter of this license, of either Licensor or Licensee, whether such succession results from the act of a party interest, occurs by operation of law, or is the effect of the operation of the law together with the act of such a party. Each and every covenant, agreement, and condition of this agreement to be performed by the Licensee shall be binding upon all successors in the interest to Licensee.
Legal Representatives means the parents, foster parents or guardians of a person being represented and representatives of the State organ or public organization responsible for that person's protection;
Legal Representatives and “heirs” means the legal representatives and heirs
Legal Representatives means, in respect of each Party and, as the case may be, it’s authorized assignee, when a natural person, the executors or administrators of his estate, his legal heirs, legatees, successors or mandataries and, when a legal person, its directors, officers, shareholders, members, employees and representatives;
Legal Representatives means a Grantee's executors or administrators, a Transferee, or the executors or administrators of a Transferee.