Transport of Goods Sample Clauses

Transport of Goods. Delete in (a) 21 daysnotice and replace for 30 days’ notice.
Transport of Goods. Unless otherwise stated in the Contract Agreement:
Transport of Goods and/ or part thereof to and from the Supplier in connection with the remedying of defects for which the Supplier is liable shall be at the risk and expense of the Supplier. Buyer shall follow the Supplier’s instructions regarding such transport.
Transport of Goods. Unless otherwise stated in the Particular Conditions: the Contractor shall give the Engineer not less than 21 days’ notice of the date on which any Plant or a major item of other Goods will be delivered to the Site; the Contractor shall be responsible for packing, loading, transporting, receiving, unloading, storing and protecting all Goods and other things required for the Works; and the Contractor shall indemnify and hold the Procuring entity harmless against and from all damages, losses and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) resulting from the transport of Goods, and shall negotiate and pay all claims arising from their transport. Contractor’s Equipment The Contractor shall be responsible for all Contractors’ Equipment. When brought on to the Site, Contractor’s Equipment shall be deemed to be exclusively intended for the execution of the Works. The Contractor shall not remove from the Site any major items of Contractor’s Equipment without the consent of the Engineer. However, consent shall not be required for vehicles transporting Goods or Contractor’s Personnel off Site. Protection of the Environment The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps to protect the environment (both on and off the Site) and to limit damage and nuisance to people and property resulting from pollution, noise and other results of his operations. The Contractor shall ensure that emissions, surface discharges and effluent from the Contractor’s activities shall not exceed the values stated in the Specification or prescribed by applicable Laws. Electricity, Water and Gas The Contractor shall, except as stated below, be responsible for the provision of all power, water and other services he may require for his construction activities and to the extent defined in the Specifications, for the tests. The Contractor shall be entitled to use for the purposes of the Works such supplies of electricity, water, gas and other services as may be available on the Site and of which details and prices are given in the Specification. The Contractor shall, at his risk and cost, provide any apparatus necessary for his use of these services and for measuring the quantities consumed. The quantities consumed and the amounts due (at these prices) for such services shall be agreed or determined by the Engineer in accordance with Sub-Clause 2.5 [Procuring entity’s Claims] and Sub-Clause 3.5 [Determinations]. The Contractor shall pay these amounts to the Procuring entity. Procuring entity Equipm...
Transport of Goods. Article 6