Supply of Products Sample Clauses

Supply of Products. TheraSense shall be responsible for the ------------------ manufacture of FreeStyle Products for sale to Nipro.
Supply of Products. Except as set forth in Section 3.6.1, as between the Parties, subject to Section 3.8.1, Adapt shall have the sole responsibility for, at its expense, Manufacturing (or having Manufactured) and obtaining supply of naloxone (including all excipients) and devices (including packaging) for pre-clinical and clinical purposes and for commercial sale of Products by Adapt and its Affiliates and Commercial Sublicensees. Adapt shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to ensure that any agreement pursuant to which Adapt contracts with Third Parties for the supply of the device utilized by the Products and of finished Products may be assigned to Lightlake without such Third Party’s consent in the event that this Agreement is terminated.
Supply of Products. During the term of this Agreement and any extension hereof, the Seller shall sell and supply the products as set out in Schedule 1 hereto (“Products”) to SiPM and SiPM shall buy from the Seller such Products on a non-exclusive basis. The specifications of the Products are set out in Schedule 2 hereto. SUPPLY AGREEMENT - SiPM A Supply Agreement is a document between two parties, a Supplier and a Purchaser. The Supplier can be an individual or business and is the party that " supplies," or sells, the goods to the Purchaser. The Purchaser can also be an individual or a business and is the party that purchases for its use the goods that the Supplier provides.
Supply of Products. 8.1 ORTHO RESPONSIBILITY. ORTHO shall be solely responsible for making or having made PRODUCTS for DEVELOPMENT and commercialization. During DEVELOPMENT or commercialization of the PRODUCTS, the parties may agree that KOSAN shall manufacture and supply to ORTHO quantities of certain compounds.
Supply of Products. The Supply Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for sale of Products by Biomatrix (or its Affiliates) to Wyeth.
Supply of Products. (a) Cipher shall cause its Approved Manufacturer and Contract Finisher to Package the Product for Distributor. Distributor shall purchase from Cipher all of Distributor’s requirements for the Product in the Territory during the Term, pursuant to purchase orders submitted by Distributor or its affiliates to Cipher from time to time in accordance with Section 6.2.
Supply of Products. In order to permit Reuters to distribute TSI Products in accordance with Sections 2.6(a) and 6.2, TSI shall promptly inform Reuters of the existence of each new TSI Product that TSI intends generally to make available, sell, embed, license, sublicense or distribute. At the same time that TSI makes such TSI Product available for sale or license to any Third-party, TSI shall also make such TSI Product, and true and correct copies of any related documentation and release notes, available to Reuters for distribution and sale by Reuters and Reuters Affiliates pursuant to Sections 2.6(a) and 6.2. TSI shall make TSI Products available to Reuters at least to the same extent such products are made available for sale or license to Third-parties (e.g., as indicated on TSI’s “Product Availability” chart).
Supply of Products a. CytoCore or its designee shall sell and Distributor shall purchase such quantities of Products (as are agreed herein) for sale in the Area. CytoCore may from time to time change the source of supply of Products and, if CytoCore or its designated supplier shall discontinue the manufacture, sale or promotion of any Product, CytoCore shall delete such Product Schedule A and cease selling the Product to Distributor. Distributor shall be entitled to continue selling such Product in the Area until such time as the stocks of such Product held by Distributor have been exhausted unless CytoCore advises Distributor to return such inventory to Cytocore.
Supply of Products. 9.1 XDx shall use commercially reasonable efforts to supply Diaxonhit, or have Diaxonhit supplied with, all of its and its Affiliates, Sales Agents and Sub-Distributors requirements of Product. Diaxonhit will provide XDx with non-binding forecasts of its requirements for Products on a quarterly basis.
Supply of Products. 6.1 Except as otherwise herein provided in this Agreement, Lilly shall produce and supply the final commercial Product(s). Any chemical (not including the Carriers) or formulation components required to make use of the Emisphere Technology shall be procured by Lilly at its own Cost. Lilly shall ensure that supplies of the Product(s) are produced as diligently as any of its products of similar commercial importance.