Subject to Sub Sample Clauses

Subject to Sub. Regulation 8.1, the minimum number of directors shall be one and there shall be no maximum number.
Subject to Sub. Article 22.1, any Party has the right to freely use all geological, geophysical, reservoir, engineering, drilling engineering, facilities engineering, and project data and information regarding the Contract Area for other petroleum activities in and outside Suriname.
Subject to Sub clause (1), the Issuers and the Guarantor may, after prior consultation with the Agent, terminate the appointment of any of the other Paying Agents at any time and/or appoint one or more further other Paying Agents by giving to the Agent, and to the relevant other Paying Agent at least 45 days' notice in writing to that effect (other than in the case of insolvency of the other Paying Agent).
Subject to Sub clause 16.2, no announcement concerning the sale of the Shares by ABT to Inchcape or any ancillary matter shall be made by either party without the prior written approval of the other, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Subject to Sub clause .2 of this clause, the Borrower and the Guarantor shall furnish to the Administrative Agent copies of all such accounts, documents, reports, notices, circulars, particulars and certificates ("Documents") which are required to be furnished by the Borrower or the Guarantor to any stock exchange, corporate affairs office (or analogous office) or shareholder at the same time as they are furnished to that stock exchange, corporate affairs (or analogous office) or shareholder and when requested by the Administrative Agent copies of Documents required under the provision of any trust deed to which the Borrower or the Guarantor is a party to be furnished to the trustee thereunder from time to time.
Subject to Sub clause (l):
Subject to Sub. Section H of this Section VI, the Registered Owner shall make the payments under Clauses 4, 7 and 9 of this Sub-Section E if he remains the Owner of Undivided Shares allocated to the Units which remain unsold 3 months after the date hereof. All outgoings including management fees up to and inclusive of the date of assignment of the Units shall be paid by the Registered Owner.
Subject to Sub. Licensor's prior written notice, Sub-Licensee shall have the right, in its discretion to commence proceedings or undertake any action to challenge, oppose and litigate all unauthorized uses or attempted uses by others, or any uses which constitute passing off or infringement of the Trademarks or any and all licenses granted hereunder to Sub-Licensee, or to take such other steps or proceedings as may be considered necessary by it in order to terminate any such unauthorized, infringing or improper use of the Trademarks by others. In the event that Sub-Licensee does commence proceedings or undertake any action to challenge, oppose or litigate, as aforesaid, Sub-Licensor, at no cost to Sub-Licensor, shall fully cooperate with Sub-Licensee and execute any and all documents and do such acts and things as in the reasonable opinion of Sub-Licensee may be necessary. Notwithstanding the foregoing, at the request of Sub-Licensee, Sub-Licensor shall at Sub-Licensee's expense diligently challenge, oppose or prosecute any person or firm who unlawfully or improperly makes or attempts to make such unauthorized use of the Trademarks, in the event Sub-Licensee's distribution of the Beverage is materially impaired by that unauthorized use.
Subject to Sub clause 16.1.1 a team member shall be provided with a regular roster, which will not be subject to frequent variations from one cycle to another.
Subject to Sub. Article 23.1.6, the confidentiality obligations of the Parties shall terminate: