Manufacture of Products Sample Clauses

Manufacture of Products. All Products marketed through Grantor's Web ------------------------- Site shall be manufactured, packaged, prepared, and shipped in accordance with the specifications and requirements described on Exhibit A hereto as it may be modified from time to time. Quality control standards relating to the Product's weight, color, consistency, micro-biological content, labeling and packaging are also set forth on Exhibit A. In the event that Exhibit A is incomplete, Products shall be manufactured and shipped in accordance with industry standards.
Manufacture of Products. Manufacturer shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the necessary manufacturing capability to fill all orders for Products received from Distributor and accepted pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement. In the event of a Product shortage for any reason, Manufacturer shall have the right to allocate or apportion available Products among its customers as Manufacturer, in the exercise of its discretion, and upon prior consultation with Distributor, deems appropriate, without incurring any liability to Distributor. Manufacturer may discontinue the manufacture or sale of any Products upon twelve (12) months’ prior written notice to Distributor. Manufacturer may materially alter the performance of any or all of the Products upon ninety (90) days prior notice to Distributor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Manufacturer may discontinue the manufacture and sale of any Product at anytime and without notice to Distributor, if such discontinuance is required, directly or indirectly, by any regulatory agency.
Manufacture of Products. Caraco shall manufacture each Product in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices, whether such Products are being manufactured in connection with the submission and seeking of approval of an ANDA or for sale to the public following approval of an ANDA with respect thereto.
Manufacture of Products. Ironwood will be responsible for Manufacture of Development Materials in finished form and API Manufacturing; provided, however, that nothing in this Agreement will prevent Ironwood from contracting with any Third Parties to Manufacture Development Materials or to conduct API Manufacturing. Ironwood will perform all such Manufacturing activities in accordance with GCP, GLP and GMP. Ironwood will supply Development Material in finished, packaged form ready for labeling. For Commercial supply, Ironwood will supply the Licensed Compound to Partner in bulk form ready for formulation, packaging and labeling. Ironwood will be responsible for shipping the bulk Licensed Compound to the locations designated by Partner for final Manufacture of Product. Partner will be responsible, at its sole cost and expense, to complete the drug product manufacturing, packaging, and labeling of [**] = Portions of this exhibit have been omitted pursuant to a confidential treatment request. An unredacted version of this exhibit has been filed separately with the Commission. Commercial supply of the Product in the Territory. In furtherance of the foregoing, the Parties will execute a manufacturing and supply agreement promptly following the Effective Date, under which Partner will pay Ironwood [**] for supplying Development Material and Commercial supply of the Licensed Compound for the Product to Partner, [**].
Manufacture of Products. SCI shall manufacture for McDATA such quantities and types of Products as McDATA may order from time to time, and as SCI may accept pursuant to this Agreement. SCI shall not, unless otherwise specified in a written agreement entered into by McDATA, manufacture or sell any Product except as directed by McDATA hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Xgreement shall be deemed to grant SCI any right to use McDATA's name for any purpose other than as expressly providxx xxxein or otherwise mutually agreed.
Manufacture of Products. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation Section 4.1, Arch shall have the exclusive right to manufacture Products using the Codexis Process and Codexis Enzymes. Arch may not use any enzymes other than Codexis Enzymes or any processes other than Codexis Processes in any step of the manufacture of the Products unless a non-enzymatic process is the only process available for the relevant manufacturing step. For the avoidance of doubt and notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, (i) subject to Section 4.1, neither Arch nor its Affiliates may purchase any intermediates that fall within the definition of Products from any Third Party and (ii) Arch may purchase the intermediate [*] from Third Parties.
Manufacture of Products. HDU agrees to manufacture, package, and store the Products under the conditions and in accordance with the principles and practices according to the standards of the trade, and consistent with all applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”). HDU shall ensure that the quality, materials and generally the characteristics of the Product (including, without limitation, taste, texture, color and overall appearance) are substantially similar to the Products previously supplied by HDU to, and approved by, MamaMancini’s. HDU shall maintain a quality assurance team which shall oversee production of the Product. Not less frequently than annually, HDU shall engage NSF-Cxxx & Txxxxxx, or another independent third party expert acceptable to both HDU and MamaMancini’s, to conduct a process-based food safety and quality audit to determine whether HDU has appropriately designed systems that are being operated under continual control to assure product safety, quality, and consistency; and shall take any corrective actions required by such audit. HDU agrees to manufacture and package the Product itself, solely through its own employees, and shall not be permitted to delegate or sub license all or any part of such manufacture or packaging without the prior written consent of MamaMancini’s.
Manufacture of Products. Manufacture by CureVac of Products for use in preclinical activities during the Research Period will take place under the First Program Research Plan, the Reserved Target Research Plan and the Other Pre-IND Program Research Plans, as the case may be. For the supply of Products to be used in Clinical Phase I Studies with respect to the First Collaboration Program (including in relation to a Product based upon a Replacement Target Antibody), subject to Section 6.2, the Parties shall negotiate and enter into a clinical supply agreement under which CureVac shall Manufacture or have Manufactured such Products on Genmab’s behalf. For the supply of Products to be used in Clinical Phase I Studies with respect to any other Pre-IND Program, the Parties will on a Product-by-Product basis negotiate an amendment to the Early Clinical Supply Agreement in good faith, subject to Section 6.2, whereby CureVac shall Manufacture or have Manufactured such Product on Genmab’s behalf. For other Manufacture of Products, CureVac shall have the right to provide an offer to Genmab to Manufacture Product under the provisions of Section 6.4.
Manufacture of Products a. Manufacture. Manufacturer will manufacture the Products using the components and to the specifications provided on Appendix B as updated from time to time in accordance with Section 15 hereof (the "Specifications"). Manufacturer will only use components from vendors approved by Purchaser for the supply of such components. Following the Effective Date, Manufacturer may, with Purchaser's prior written approval, identify and qualify other vendors for the purpose of reducing costs or improving quality.
Manufacture of Products. DT and MYT agrees that MYT will manufacture Products for, upon the order of or on behalf of DT upon the written request or notification of DT, subject to the terms and conditions hereof, during the term of this Agreement and any renewal thereof.