Plant and materials definition

Plant and materials means: The Plant and materials in respect of which an advance payment prior to manufacture is required, which the City of Cape Town has agreed may be subject to advance payment, such Plant and materials being listed in the Schedule of Plant and materials.
Plant and materials means any items intended to be incorporated into the Works;
Plant and materials any items intended to be incorporated into the Works;

Examples of Plant and materials in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall provide at his own risk and cost all watching and lighting as necessary to safeguard the Works, Plant and materials against damage and theft.

  • Plant and materials to comply with this requirement shall be readily available at all times during concrete placing.

  • This certificate of Transfer of Rights applies only to the Plant and materials as listed in the following table.

  • Plant and materials which have been manufactured and are stored by the supplier Plant and materials yet to be manufactured and for which a deposit with order is required from the supplier by a third party manufacturer/supplier, and which may be stored by the supplier: Conditions:1) The supplier can only rely on advance payment being permitted by the CCT in respect of the plant and materials listed in the table above.

  • This transfer shall become effective upon conclusion of the Contractor receiving payment from the Employer or from any other person on behalf of the Employer for the Plant and materials as Plant and materials on Site, payment of retention money thereon excluded.

  • Plant and materials which have been manufactured and are stored by the supplierPlant and materials yet to be manufactured and for which a deposit with order is required from the supplier by a third party manufacturer/supplier, and which may be stored by the supplier: Conditions:1) The supplier can only rely on advance payment being permitted by the CCT in respect of the plant and materials listed in the table above.

  • I herewith indemnify the Employer against any claim to and in respect of the said Plant and materials by reason of the Contractor’s sequestration or liquidation or of any defect in the Contractor’s title to the materials and agree that no payment for materials on site will be made by the Employer until such time as I have submitted documentary proof of bona fide ownership of the said Plant and materials.

  • I further confirm that I am fully responsible for all Plant and materials listed under this Transfer of Rights and that they have been insured adequately against all risks and will remain insured until they are built into or used in the permanent works and taken over by the Employer.

  • NOTE: This form, together with the documentary proof of ownership or proof of payment by the Contractor to the supplier, shall accompany the Contractor’s claim for payment for Plant and materials on site in terms of Clause 6.10 1.5 of the General Conditions of Contract 2015.

  • Details of measurements, proof of payment for items contained in provisional sums and prime cost sums, proof of ownership of Plant and materials on site and documentation pertaining to contract price adjustment and special materials, are required as substantiation of claims for payment.

Related to Plant and materials

  • Cloud Materials means any materials provided or developed by SAP (independently or with Provider’s cooperation) in the course of performance under the Agreement, including in the delivery of any support or Consulting Services to Provider or its Customers. Cloud Materials do not include any Customer Data, Provider Confidential Information, or the SAP Cloud Service.

  • Developed Materials means Materials created, made, or developed by Contractor or Subcontractors, either solely or jointly with the Judicial Branch Entities or JBE Contractors, in the course of providing the Work under this Agreement, and all Intellectual Property Rights therein and thereto, including, without limitation, (i) all work-in-process, data or information, (ii) all modifications, enhancements and derivative works made to Contractor Materials, and (iii) all Deliverables; provided, however, that Developed Materials do not include Contractor Materials.

  • GOODS / MATERIALS means any of the articles, materials, machinery, equipments, supplies, drawing, data and other property and all services including but not limited to design, delivery, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning specified or required to complete the order.

  • Standard Materials means all Materials not specified as Custom Materials.

  • Background Material means any pre-existing works in which the Intellectual Property Rights are owned by either Party, which have been prepared by that Party outside the scope of this Agreement or which were licensed from a third party by that Party.”

  • Contractor Materials means Materials owned or developed prior to the provision of the Work, or developed by Contractor independently from the provision of the Work and without use of the Court Materials or Confidential Information.

  • The Works means the works to be executed and completed under the Contract.

  • Licensed Materials means any materials that Executive utilizes for the benefit of the Company (or any Subsidiary thereof), or delivers to the Company or the Company’s Customers, which (a) do not constitute Work Product, (b) are created by Executive or of which Executive is otherwise in lawful possession and (c) Executive may lawfully utilize for the benefit of, or distribute to, the Company or the Company’s Customers.

  • Custom Materials means Materials developed by the Supplier at the Procuring Entity's expense under the Contract and identified as such in Appendix 5 of the Contract Agreement and such other Materials as the parties may agree in writing to be Custom Materials. Custom Materials includes Materials created from Standard Materials.

  • The Works/Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Project Materials means any and all works of authorship, artistic, literary and other works, inventions and materials designed, created, developed, written or prepared by the Supplier (or the Supplier's Personnel) in the course of providing the Services, whether individually, collectively or jointly with the Purchaser and on whatever media;

  • The Works/ Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Third Party Materials means materials and information, in any form or medium, including any software, documents, data, content, specifications, products, equipment or components of or relating to the Services that are not proprietary to NCIT.

  • Supplier Materials means any material owned by the Supplier and used by Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx pursuant to this Agreement (howsoever created or stored) including internal guidelines, technical documentation and operating manuals, correspondence, application forms, literature and policy statements; and

  • Day works means varied work inputs subject to payment on a time basis for the Service Provider's employees and equipment, in addition to payments for associated materials and administration.

  • Biological Materials means certain tangible biological materials that are necessary for the effective exercise of the Patent Rights, which materials are described on Exhibit A, as well as tangible materials that are routinely produced through use of the original materials, including, for example, any progeny derived from a cell line, monoclonal antibodies produced by hybridoma cells, DNA or RNA replicated from isolated DNA or RNA, recombinant proteins produced through use of isolated DNA or RNA, and substances routinely purified from a source material included in the original materials (such as recombinant proteins isolated from a cell extract or supernatant by non-proprietary affinity purification methods). These Biological Materials shall be listed on Exhibit A, which will be periodically amended to include any additional Biological Materials that Medical School may furnish to Company.

  • Work/ works means work / works to be executed in accordance with the contract.

  • Construction materials means any tangible personal property that will be converted into real property.

  • Program Materials means the documents and information provided by the Program Administrator specifying the qualifying EEMs, technology requirements, costs and other Program requirements, which include, without limitation, program guidelines and requirements, application forms and approval letters.

  • Recyclable Materials means materials that are separated from mixed municipal solid waste for the purpose of recycling or composting, including paper, glass, plastics, metals, automobile oil, batteries, source-separated compostable materials, and sole source food waste streams that are managed through biodegradative processes. Refuse-derived fuel or other material that is destroyed by incineration is not a recyclable material. (Minn. Stat. § 115A.03, Subd. 25a)

  • SAP Materials means any software, programs, tools, systems, data, or other materials made available by SAP or any other member of the SAP Group to Partner or to an End User (either directly or indirectly via Partner) prior to or in the course of the performance under any part of this Agreement including, but not limited to, the other SAP Products.

  • Controlled technical information means technical information with military or space application that is subject to controls on the access, use, reproduction, modification, performance, display, release, disclosure, or dissemination. Controlled technical information would meet the criteria, if disseminated, for distribution statements B through F using the criteria set forth in DoD Instruction 5230.24, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents. The term does not include information that is lawfully publicly available without restrictions.

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.