Schedule 8 Sample Clauses

Schedule 8. 1.21 hereto is a complete listing of each capitalized and operating lease of each Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries on the date hereof that constitutes a Material Contract. To BorrowersKnowledge, each Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries is in substantial compliance with all of the material terms of each of its respective capitalized and operating leases and there is no basis upon which the lessors under any such leases could terminate same or declare such Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries in default thereunder.
Schedule 8. 12. The Schedules to the Purchase Agreement are hereby amended by adding Annex C as Schedule 8.12 of the Purchase Agreement, and such Schedule shall be deemed for all purposes to have been delivered as of the date of the Purchase Agreement.
Schedule 8. Car Club Contribution 1 In this Schedule 8 unless the context requires otherwise the following words and expressions shall have the following meaning: Car Club means the car club or car sharing scheme whereby residents of the Development and the general public can use vehicles on a pay-on-use basis; Car Club Contribution means the sum of £22,574.33 (twenty two thousand five hundred and seventy four pounds and thirty three xxxxx) Indexed in accordance with clause 7 to be paid by the Owner for the Council to use towards the provision of two Toyota Yaris hybrid vehicles (or similar) to be used as part of a Car Club for a period of two years; Car Club Operator means an operator of a Car Club who will be responsible for the operation and management of the Car Club and Car Club Spaces including bookings and charges; Car Club Spaces means the two car parking spaces within the Application Site as shaded yellow on the plan labelled "Car Club Spaces Plan" and annexed to this Agreement at Appendix 7 or as otherwise agreed. 2 The Owner hereby covenants with the Council:
Schedule 8. 7. Schedule 8.7 to the New Credit Agreement is hereby amended to read as set forth as Schedule 8.7 to this TRR Agreement.
Schedule 8. 2.11 sets forth a true, correct and complete list of the Patent Rights within Company Background IP existing as of the Effective Date and such schedule contains all application numbers and filing dates, registration numbers and dates, jurisdictions and owners;
Schedule 8. 2.10 hereto includes a list of all agreements with Third Parties related to the Products, including agreements related to the Development and Manufacture of the Products, in each case, that are in effect as of the Effective Date or that have post-termination obligations (other than solely obligations to keep information confidential or to restrict use thereof after termination) for Lightlake or the Third Party that are in effect as of the Effective Date (collectively, the “Relevant Contracts”). Lightlake has disclosed and made available to Adapt full and complete copies of all such Relevant Contracts to Adapt. Lightlake represents and warrants to Adapt that each Relevant Contract is a legal, valid, binding and enforceable agreement of Lightlake or one of its Affiliates, as applicable, and is in full force and effect, and neither Lightlake nor any of its Affiliates or, any other party thereto is in default or breach under the terms of, or has provided any notice of any intention to terminate or modify, any such Relevant Contract, and, no event or circumstance has occurred that, with notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute a breach thereof or a default thereunder or would result in a termination, modification, acceleration or vesting of any rights or obligations or loss of benefits thereunder.
Schedule 8. 19 accurately and completely lists as of the date hereof each of the Satellites owned by the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries on the date hereof, and setting forth for each such Satellite that is in orbit, the orbital slot and number and frequency band of the transponders on such Satellite.
Schedule 8. 2(a)-2. The P&S is hereby amended by deleting Schedule 8.2(a)-2 in its entirety and replacing it with Exhibit H attached hereto.
Schedule 8. 5.1 of the Loan Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety by the Schedule 8.5.1 attached hereto.
Schedule 8. 9 of the Revolving Credit Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with Schedule 8.9 attached hereto.