The Plan Year Sample Clauses

The Plan Year. 2. The Employer's Fiscal Year (defined as the Plan's --- "limitation year") being the twelve (12) consecutive month period commencing (month/day) and ending ------------------ (month/day). ------------------
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The Plan Year. If as a result of the application of such rules the dollar limitation is exceeded, then (except for purposes of determining the portion of Compensation up to the integration level if the Plan provides for permitted disparity) the dollar limitation shall be prorated among the affected participants in proportion to each such Participant's Compensation as determined under this Section prior to the application of the dollar limitation.
The Plan Year. However, for the Plan Year in which an Employee's participation begins, the application period is the portion of the Plan Year during which the Employee is eligible to participate in the Plan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.12 C. Compensation shall/shall not include Employer con- tributions made pursuant to a salary reduction agreement, which are not includable in the gross income of the Employee under Code section 125, 402 (e)(3), 402(h)(1)(B) or 403(b).
The Plan Year. All qualified plans maintained by a Controlled Group Member must use the same Limitation Year. If the Limitation Year is amended to a different 12-consecutive month period, the new Limitation Year must begin on a date within the Limitation Year in which the amendment is made. Master or Prototype Plan: A plan the form of which is the subject of a favorable opinion letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

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  • Plan Year Any reference to “

  • Deferral Period The Deferred Share Units will be subject to a deferral period in accordance with the election made by Grantee and the terms of the Deferred Compensation Plan. The Grantee may change the period of deferral by filing a subsequent election with the Company in accordance with the terms of the Deferred Compensation Plan. During the deferral period, the Grantee will have no right to transfer any rights under his or her Deferred Share Units and will have no other rights of ownership therein.

  • VALUE OF PARTICIPANT'S ACCRUED BENEFIT If a distribution (other than a distribution from a segregated Account) occurs more than 90 days after the most recent valuation date, the distribution will include interest at: (Choose (a), (b) or (c))

  • Elective Deferrals An Employee will be eligible to become a Contributing Participant in the Plan (and thus be eligible to make Elective Deferrals) and receive Matching Contributions (including Qualified Matching Contributions, if applicable) after completing 1 (enter 0, 1 or any fraction less than 1) Years of Eligibility Service.

  • Deferral Election A Participant may elect to defer all or a specified percentage of the Compensation earned in a Plan Year by such Participant for serving as a member of the Board of any Participating Fund or as a member of any committee or subcommittee thereof. Reimbursement of expenses of attending meetings of the Board, committees of the Board or subcommittees of such committees may not be deferred. Such election shall be made by executing before the first day of such Plan Year such election notice as the Administrator may prescribe; provided, however, that upon first becoming eligible to participate in the Plan by reason of appointment to a Board, a Participant may file a Deferral Election not later than 30 days after the effective date of such appointment, which election shall apply to Compensation earned in the portion of the Plan Year commencing the day after such election is filed and ending on the last day of such Plan Year.

  • Limitation Year The Limitation Year is: (Choose (c) or (d)) [ x ] (c) The Plan Year. [ ] (d) The 12 consecutive month period ending every _____.

  • Year of Service VESTING. For purposes of vesting under Section 5.03, Year of Service means any 12-consecutive month period designated in the Employer's Adoption Agreement during which an Employee completes not less than the number of Hours of Service (not exceeding 1,000) specified in the Employer's Adoption Agreement. A Year of Service includes any Year of Service earned prior to the Effective Date of the Plan, except as provided in Section 5.08.

  • Deferral Account 3.1 Establishing and Crediting. The Company shall establish a Deferral Account on its books for the Director, and shall credit to the Deferral Account the following amounts:

  • Deferral Elections As provided in Sections 5(f), 6(h) and 14(d), the Executive may elect to defer the Pre-Change in Control Severance Payment, the Post-Change in Control Severance Payment and the Consulting Payment as follows. The Executive’s deferral election shall satisfy the requirements of Treasury Regulation Section 1.409A-2(b) and the terms and conditions of the Deferred Compensation Plan. Such deferral election shall designate the whole percentage (up to a maximum of 100%) of the Pre-Change in Control Severance Payment, the Post-Change in Control Severance Payment and the Consulting Payment to be deferred, shall be irrevocable when made, and shall not take effect until at least twelve (12) months after the date on which the election is made. Such deferral election shall provide that the amount deferred shall be deferred for a period of not less than five (5) years from the date the payment of the amount deferred would otherwise have been made, in accordance with Treasury Regulation Section 1.409A-2(b)(1)(ii).

  • Incentive Bonus Compensation The Executive shall be eligible for incentive bonus compensation for each Fiscal Year in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors or any committee thereof ("INCENTIVE BONUS COMPENSATION").

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