Schedule B Sample Clauses

Schedule B. MBE/WBE Affidavit of Joint Venture Where the bidder’s Compliance Plan includes the participation of any MBE or WBE as a joint venture partner, the bidder must submit with its bid a Schedule B and the proposed joint venture agreement. These documents must both clearly evidence that the MBE or WBE joint venture partner(s) will be responsible for a clearly defined portion of the work to be performed, and that the MBE’s or WBE’s responsibilities and risks are proportionate to its ownership percentage. The proposed joint venture agreement must include specific details related to:
Schedule B. The Option shall be subject to any special provisions set forth in Schedule B for the Optionee’s country of residence, if any. If the Optionee relocates to one of the countries included in Schedule B during the life of the Option, the special provisions for such country shall apply to the Optionee, to the extent the Company determines that the application of such provisions is necessary or advisable in order to comply with local law or facilitate the administration of the Plan. Schedule B constitutes part of this Agreement.
Schedule B. Schedule B of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the attached “Schedule B”.
Schedule B. Schedule B is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced as set forth in Attachment 1 hereto.
Schedule B. Effective as of the date hereof, Schedule B to the Agreement shall be replaced with Schedule B hereto.
Schedule B. Pursuant to Section 28 of the Agreement, the parties hereto mutually agree that Schedule B attached to the Agreement be deleted and replaced in its entirety by the Schedule B attached to this Amendment.