Review and Acceptance Sample Clauses

Review and Acceptance. 45.1. Transnet shall have the right to review and accept or reject all Deliverables, components of such Deliverables and any systems (generally comprised of the Deliverables) to be provided by the Service Provider to Transnet under this Agreement, pursuant to the methodology set forth in this clause 45.
Review and Acceptance. The Seller reserves the right to monitor the Manufacturer's performance and Manufacturer's compliance with the provisions of this Agreement through periodic reviews at the Manufacturer's place of business. The Seller's reviews shall be limited to technical performance and compliance with the provisi(ms of the agreement. Final evaluation of the Products shall begin upon delivery of the Products to the Seller. The Seller shall evaluate the Product and shall provide written notice of acceptance or rejection to the Manufacturer within 14 days after receipt by the Seller of all materials comprising the Products.
Review and Acceptance. The Architect shall provide general layout, concept sketches, coloring renders and proposed material selection for Design Development Stage 1 in accordance with the Architect Plan for review by the Builder. The Builder will liaise with the Buyer for any comments and input from the Buyer and will include such comments when reverting to the Architect The Buyer shall provide any comments it may have promptly and no later than within the deadlines set out in Article V clause 1 of the Contract. Any actual delay(s) in the Construction of the Vessel caused by delayed comments from the Buyer shall constitute Permissible Delay pursuant to Article IX clause 3 of the Contract. Any and all communication regarding approval of design drawings, materials or other deliverables and generally with respect to the Scope of Work shall be made between the Architect and the Builder only and not directly between the Architect and the Buyer, unless agreed in writing with the Builder. Ulstein Verft AS P.O. Box 158, NO 6Ittf.7 Ulsteinvik, Norway Tel +47 7000 8000 Ent No NO 912 447 561 MVA [*] = CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT, MARKED BY BRACKETS, HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. Appendix V Lump sums CX104 - U11060 ULSTEIN® Appendix V LUMP SUMS
Review and Acceptance. All Services are subject to review and approval by the City. The City may refuse acceptance of Services that are deficient, do not conform to specifications or that otherwise fail to comply with this Agreement. The City may review the Services at any time, but no review, inspection or approval by the City (or the failure to do the same) relieves Consultant of its obligations hereunder and all responsibility related to the Services will be and remain with Consultant. . If the City considers that any Services are deficient, fail to conform to specifications or fail to otherwise meet requirements herein, Consultant at its sole expense will promptly make the necessary corrections, including re-performing the Services. Consultant will be responsible for all costs associated with correcting any deficient or non-conforming Services.
Review and Acceptance. Purchaser shall promptly review any shipment received from Romeo and shall notify Romeo promptly (and in any event within five (5) business days of receipt of the shipment) of any failure of such shipment materially to conform to the applicable PO or the Specifications. Unless Purchaser timely provides notice of such a failure with respect to any delivery, such delivery shall be conclusively presumed to be accepted. If any shipment does fail to conform to the applicable PO or Specifications and Purchaser timely so notifies Romeo, Romeo shall make commercially reasonable efforts to cure such failure without undue delay (which cure may include a correction of any error in the Specifications). For avoidance of doubt, Purchaser shall accept any order delivered hereunder that materially conforms to the applicable PO and Specifications.
Review and Acceptance. Prior to shipment of any complete or partial batch of any Agreement Product. Pharmachemie shall: (i) perform testing and quality assurance activities for each production batch of Agreement Product in accordance with specifications; (ii) provide to SuperGen a certificate of analysis containing the information specified in an agreed format, with respect to each production batch (or portion thereof to be shipped) of Agreement Product, certifying, warranting, and CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUEST reflecting that all Agreement Products therein fully and completely comply with the Specifications; (iii) deliver, if applicable, a Deviation Report as provided below; and (iv) have received from SuperGen in writing or electronic form SuperGen's specify authorization, based on SuperGen's review of the certificate of analysis, for Pharmachemie to ship such complete or partial batch of Agreement Product. SuperGen or a SuperGen designee may inspect and test any Agreement Product upon receipt thereof or may, in reliance on Pharmachemie's quality assurance activities and the information contained in the certificate of analysis pursuant to this Agreement, accept or reject Agreement Products upon Pharmachemie's certificate of analysis. SuperGen covenants to conduct such inspection, testing or review and to accept or reject Agreement Products and to provide such authorization within seven (7) business days -from receipt of such Agreement Products with a valid certificate of analysis.
Review and Acceptance. 1. Any faulty carpet work occurring in any area shall be repaired or replaced at no cost to the County.
Review and Acceptance. Sanguine will review the Contractor's deliverables and provide notification regarding acceptability within five (5) working days of receipt.
Review and Acceptance. 5.1 Upon completion of each of the post-Asset Delivery Milestones, Gogii shall provide a notice to this effect to Freeze Tag (the “Completion Notice”).
Review and Acceptance. The CIO, or his designee, on behalf of the County, shall have the right to review and accept or reject all components, deliverables, and systems to be provided by Contractor to the County under this Agreement, pursuant to the methodology set forth in this Section 9.10. Within thirty (30) days after the Effective Date, Contractor shall develop a methodology for the implementation of the process described in this Section 9.10 by the delivery of control documents, the preparation of deliverable acceptance documents, the tracking of accepted deliverables, the maintenance of all deliverables and deliverable acceptance documents, and the development of other documents and processes. The process required by this Section 9.10 shall be set forth in the Standards and Procedures Manual.