Corrections Sample Clauses

Corrections. Mortgagor will, upon request of Mortgagee, promptly correct any defect, error or omission which may be discovered in the contents of this Mortgage or in the execution or acknowledgment hereof, and will execute, acknowledge and deliver such further documents and do such further acts as may be necessary or as may be reasonably requested by Mortgagee to carry out more effectively the purposes of this Mortgage, to subject to the liens and security interests hereby created any of Mortgagor’s properties, rights or interest covered or intended to be covered hereby, and to perfect and maintain such liens and security interests.
Corrections. Trustor will, upon request of the Trustee, promptly correct any defect or error which may be discovered in the contents of this Deed of Trust or in its execution or acknowledgment, and will execute, acknowledge, and deliver such further instruments and do such further acts as may be necessary or as may be reasonably requested by the Trustee or by the Beneficiary to carry out more effectively the purposes of this Deed of Trust and to perfect and maintain the lien and security interest created by this Deed of Trust.
Corrections. In addition to the above indemnification obligations, Consultant shall correct, at its expense, all errors in the work which may be disclosed during City’s review of Consultant’s report or plans. Should Consultant fail to make such correction in a reasonably timely manner, such correction may be made by City, and the cost thereof shall be charged to Consultant. In addition to all other available remedies, City may deduct the cost of such correction from any retention amount held by City or may withhold payment otherwise owed Consultant under this Agreement up to the amount of the cost of correction.
Corrections. The Subscriber hereby authorizes the Company to correct any minor errors in, or complete any minor information missing from, any of this Agreement and each of Appendix "I" - "Subscriber's Certificate", Appendix "II" - "Subscriber's Suitability Questionnaire" and Appendix "III" - "Subscriber's Representative Questionnaire" to this Agreement, which may be required to be completed and executed by the Subscriber and delivered to the Company in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Corrections. PacifiCorp shall have up to eighteen months to adjust any payment made pursuant to Section 9.1. In the event PacifiCorp determines it has overpaid Seller (for Excess Output or otherwise), PacifiCorp may adjust Seller’s future payment accordingly in order to recapture any overpayment in a reasonable time.
Corrections. Without limiting the rights of YHI in any way, upon notice by YHI of any failure of Contractor to meet its obligations under this Agreement, Contractor will within seven (7) days (not including delays outside the reasonable control of Contractor), or such other period set forth in this Agreement, at no cost to YHI correct such failure and all damage caused by such failure. If Contractor does not correct such failure or damage within such period, YHI may contract with another contractor to correct such failure or damage and deduct the cost of such contract from amounts otherwise owing to Contractor hereunder, and Contractor will on request from YHI pay the difference to YHI, if any.
Corrections. Any corrections required by the City shall be commenced within ten (10) days of notification by the City and completed within thirty (30) days of the date of notification. If the work is not performed in a timely manner, the City shall have the right, without recourse to legal action, to take such action under this bond as described in Section D above.