Final Acceptance Sample Clauses

Final Acceptance. When the Project/Service or any portion thereof, as designated by the COUNTY, is ready for its intended use, the COUNTY and any other invited parties shall make an inspection of the Project/Service, to verify its completeness and develop a punch list of items needing completion or correction before final payment will be made. CONTRACTOR shall have ten (10) calendar days to correct all deficiencies. An eighty-dollar ($80.00) re-inspection fee shall be applied for the third inspection and any required re-inspection thereafter. The COUNTY shall have the right to exclude CONTRACTOR from those portions of the work designated as complete after the inspection; provided, however, that CONTRACTOR will have reasonable access for the time allotted by the COUNTY to complete or correct items on the punch list. When the work provided for under this Agreement has been completely performed by CONTRACTOR, and the final inspection has been made by the COUNTY, a final invoice will be prepared by the CONTRACTOR. The amount of this invoice, less any sums that may have been deducted or retained under the provisions of this Agreement, will be paid to CONTRACTOR in accordance with this Agreement, and after CONTRACTOR has agreed in writing to accept the balance due, as determined by the COUNTY, as full settlement of the account under the contract and of all claims in connection therewith. Occupancy by the COUNTY alone does not constitute final acceptance.
Final Acceptance. All Work as been completed and accepted by the County. The Contractor has provided all required close-out documentation and items as required by the Detailed Scope of Work for the specific Job Order, and these items and have accepted and approved by the County
Final Acceptance. Following the City Engineer’s final inspection and approval of the Extensions as having been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications of this Agreement, Developer shall convey ownership to all or such portions of the Extensions to the City as directed by the City. Upon acceptance of ownership by the City, the Extensions shall be the property of the City and subject to the control, use, and operation of the City, and to all applicable regulations and charges as established by the City from time to time. Prior to such acceptance, Developer shall execute and deliver to the City a xxxx of sale and a maintenance bond as follows:
Final Acceptance. Prior to final acceptance by the Owner of the project, the Consultant shall submit all of the required deliverables for the project as specified in this AGREEMENT. Upon submission of the request for final payment, the Consultant firm and its successors and assigns remise, release and forever discharge the Owner, its officers, agents and employees in their official and individual capacities of and from all liabilities, obligations and claims whatsoever in law and in equity under or arising out of this AGREEMENT.
Final Acceptance. Upon achievement of Conditional Acceptance for all identified components or deliverables, Symetra shall begin testing the system that is comprised of such components or deliverables using the applicable test procedures and standards to determine whether such system performs as an integrated whole in accordance with the Acceptance Criteria. After Symetra has completed such testing or upon expiration of the testing period (the “Final Acceptance Testing Period”), Symetra shall notify ACS in writing that: (i) the system, and all components and deliverables that are a part thereof, meet the Acceptance Criteria and that final acceptance of the system and such components and deliverables has occurred (“Final Acceptance”); or (ii) that the Acceptance Criteria have not been met and, in accordance with subsection (b) above, the reasons therefor. If Symetra determines that the Acceptance Criteria have not been so met, the process described in subsection (b) above shall be initiated, with all references to “component or deliverable” being references to the “system,” and all references to the “Acceptance Testing Period” being references to the “Final Acceptance Testing Period.” Neither Conditional Acceptance, Acceptance, nor Final Acceptance by Symetra shall constitute a waiver by Symetra of any right to assert claims based upon defects not discernable through conduct of the applicable test procedures and subsequently discovered in a component or deliverable or the system following Symetra’s Final Acceptance thereof. Nothing else, including Symetra’s use of the system, or any component thereof, shall constitute Final Acceptance, affect any rights and remedies that may be available to Symetra and/or constitute or result in “acceptance” under general contract law, any state uniform commercial code or any other law.
Final Acceptance. Final Acceptance of the Project occurs when the Public Works Director has determined that the Project is one hundred percent (100%) complete and has been constructed in accordance with the Plans and Specifications.
Final Acceptance. 1. Within thirty (30) days of the date of receipt by Purchaser and Independent Engineer of the Final Commissioning Report, the Purchaser shall issue a Certificate of Final Acceptance or reject such Report. If the Purchaser neither issues a Certificate of Final Acceptance nor rejects such Report within such thirty (30) day period, then the Date of Final Acceptance of the System shall be deemed to be the date such Final Commissioning Report was received by the Purchaser.
Final Acceptance. Final acceptance of the Study shall occur upon remedying by the Contractor of all Defects notified by the Principal to the Contractor in accordance with Clause 7.3, irrespective of the extent or nature of such Defects. Final acceptance shall be evidenced by means of the Principal issuing and both Parties attaching their signatures to the Final Acceptance Note substantially in the form of Annex H: Form of Final Acceptance Note (the “Final Acceptance Note”). In the event the Principal objects to the issuance of the Final Acceptance Note, no later than on the Defects Date, the Principal shall give notice to the Contractor setting out in reasonable detail all Defects which remain un-remedied, or reason(s) for refusal to issue the Final Acceptance Note. The date of the Final Acceptance Note shall constitute the “Final Acceptance Datewith respect to the Study. The Principal shall not unreasonably withhold or delay issuance of a Final Acceptance Note.
Final Acceptance. A condition which occurs when CDB accepts the certification of the A/E that the contractor has complied with all requirements of its contract, and that the contractor is authorized to receive final payment in full, including all retainage.
Final Acceptance. Upon receipt of a written notice from the County of final completion of the entire project, the Engineer will issue the street acceptance documentation to either Loudoun County Builder and Development or VDOT for final acceptance. VDOT will conduct the final acceptance inspection. If all work specified has been completed to the satisfaction of the VDOT, the inspection will constitute the final acceptance inspection and VDOT will make the final acceptance and close out all associated permits for the Work. The Contractor will be notified in writing, of the determination of final acceptance within five days of the date of VDOT’s final acceptance. If VDOT’s inspection discloses that any work, in whole or in part, is incomplete or unacceptable, the County may direct the Contractor to immediately correct the deficiency. A written list of deficiencies will be provided to the County by VDOT. Upon completion or correction of the work, another inspection will be made of the deficient work. If the work is then satisfactory, the Engineer will notify the Contractor in writing within 5 days of VDOT’s final acceptance. In any event, the Contractor shall be responsible for and maintain the project until final acceptance except under conditions that may be specifically exempted by the Specifications or other Contract documents.