Delivery and Acceptance Sample Clauses

Delivery and Acceptance. All Software provided hereunder will be delivered electronically. We provide trial licenses of the Software for testing and pre-acceptance before purchase and therefore, delivery is deemed complete and accepted when such Software is made available to you. You are responsible for downloading, installing, registering, or otherwise using the Software.
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Delivery and Acceptance. Supplier shall at Supplier’s own risk and expense in all respects deliver the Goods or Deliverables as specified in the Order or as directed by Amgen. Deliveries of Goods shall include a delivery note with the purchase order number, date of the Order, number of units and description of contents and shall be properly packed and secured so as to reach their destination in an undamaged condition. If no delivery date is specified in the Order, delivery shall take place within twenty-eight (28) days from the date of the Order. Delivery shall take place during normal business hours unless otherwise agreed by Amgen in writing. Amgen shall not be under any obligation to accept delivery of the Goods unless a packing or delivery note accompanies each delivery. Goods delivered by instalments shall not be treated as single and severable agreements and failure by Supplier to deliver one instalment shall entitle Amgen at its option to treat the Agreement as repudiated. In the event of loss or damage to the Goods prior to or during delivery to Amgen, Supplier shall give written notice of such loss or damage to Amgen and Supplier shall, at Supplier’s own expense, promptly replace or repair such lost or damaged Goods but in any event no later than within thirty (30) days from the written notice. Time shall be of the essence. 2.3
Delivery and Acceptance. If the Financing Company requires the Customer to sign a delivery and acceptance certificate or other similar document confirming that the Financed Products have been delivered, installed and are operating (“D & A Certificate”), the Customer shall sign such D & A Certificate within three (3) days of Completion of Installation of each phase.
Delivery and Acceptance. A. Contractor shall provide and maintain a quality assurance system acceptable to the State for any Work or Deliverables under this Contract and shall provide to the State only such Work or Deliverables that have been inspected and found to conform to the specifications identified in this Contract and any applicable solicitation, bid, offer, or proposal from which this Contract results.
Delivery and Acceptance. 1. Upon LICENSEE's execution of this Agreement, LICENSOR shall deliver the Database to LICENSEE.
Delivery and Acceptance. Upon acceptance for lease by Lessee of any Equipment delivered to Lessee and described in any Equipment Schedule, Lessee shall execute and deliver to Lessor a Certificate of Acceptance. LESSOR SHALL HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO ADVANCE FUNDS FOR THE PURCHASE OF THE EQUIPMENT UNLESS AND UNTIL LESSOR SHALL HAVE RECEIVED A CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE RELATING THERETO EXECUTED BY LESSEE. Such Certificate of Acceptance shall constitute Lessee's acknowledgment that such Equipment (a) was received by Lessee, (b) is satisfactory to Lessee in all respects and is acceptable to Lessee for lease hereunder, (c) is suitable for Lessee's purposes, (d) is in good order, repair and condition, (e) has been installed and operates properly, and (f) is subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Lease (including, without limitation, Section 2 hereof).
Delivery and Acceptance. Acceptance of any Deliverable or any part of the Services will only be regarded as complete, when such Deliverable or such part of the Services has been successfully completed in terms of any relevant acceptance criteria set out in the Work Order, or in the absence of such acceptance criteria, on written agreement with Transnet.
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Delivery and Acceptance. 4.1 Developer shall submit to Publisher a Version of the Product at each Milestone for approval. Publisher shall (acting reasonably) review the submission for compliance with the relevant parts of the Specification at that Milestone and for Publisher’s continued awareness as to the Product status.
Delivery and Acceptance. 1.1 The date on which the Ship shall be ready for delivery is October 22, 2015 (the “Delivery Date”). The Ship shall not be delivered before the Delivery Date without the express written approval of the Buyer. When:
Delivery and Acceptance. The Seller shall Schedule, sell and deliver, or cause to be delivered, and subject to § 13.3 (Right to Refuse Electricity), the Buyer shall Schedule, purchase and accept, or cause to be accepted, the Contract Quantity of electricity at the Delivery Point; and the Buyer shall pay to the Seller the relevant Electricity Contract Price.
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