Annual Review Sample Clauses

Annual Review. The Board of Directors during the Contract Period shall review annually, or at more frequent intervals which the Board of Directors determines is appropriate, the Executive’s compensation and shall award the Executive additional compensation to reflect the Executive’s performance, the performance of the Company and competitive compensation levels, all as determined in the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Annual Review. On or before each anniversary of the Effective Date of this Agreement, each of the Arrow Board and the Bank Board, will consider and vote upon a proposal to extend to the Executive an offer to replace this Agreement with a new employment agreement (the “Replacement Agreement”) commencing on the date of such anniversary. The Replacement Agreement (i) will be for a new term of two (2) years, (ii) will provide for a Base Salary for the Executive at commencement of the Replacement Agreement at least equal to the Base Salary of the Executive as of the last day immediately preceding such commencement, (iii) subject to Paragraph 5(b) hereof, will provide for other benefits having an aggregate value to the Executive at least equal to the aggregate value of the other benefits provided to the Executive as of the last day immediately preceding such commencement, and (iv) will contain other terms and conditions relating to the Executive’s position and duties, place of performance, rights upon a Change of Control of Arrow and rights in connection with any early Termination of Employment of the Executive that are, in each such instance, at least as favorable to the Executive as the terms and conditions relating to such matters under this Agreement, and generally shall be as favorable to the Executive as is this Agreement, as of the last day immediately preceding such commencement. If the Arrow Board and the Bank Board shall determine to offer such a Replacement Agreement to the Executive and the Executive shall accept, this Agreement shall terminate at 11:59 p.m. on the day prior to the commencement date of the Replacement Agreement and the Replacement Agreement shall take effect at 12:00 midnight on such commencement date. If, prior to any anniversary of the Effective Date of this Agreement, either the Arrow Board or the Bank Board shall not have offered a Replacement Agreement to the Executive under the preceding subparagraph of this Paragraph 2(b) (a “Non-Offer”), or the Executive, having been offered such a Replacement Agreement, shall not have accepted such Replacement Agreement (a “Non-Acceptance” and with either such Non-Offer or Non-Acceptance constituting a “Non-Renewal”), this Agreement and the Employment of the Executive hereunder shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect until the expiration of the Term of this Agreement in accordance with the terms hereof, and the rights and obligations of each of the parties hereunder, including the rights and o...
Annual Review. The Rule requires that, at least annually, the Trust review its Compliance Program and that of its Service Providers and the effectiveness of their respective implementations (the “Annual Review”). The CCO shall perform the Annual Review for the Trust. The first Annual Review shall be completed no later than the Effective Date.
Annual Review. The determination of compensation payable by the Company hereunder shall be made by the Compensation Committee or its designee, which shall perform an annual review of this Agreement, the Employee’s performance with the Company, and compensation payable hereunder. The results of such review, including recommendation as to base salary adjustment and bonus (if any), shall be reported to the Company and shall be memorialized in the minutes of the meetings of the Board or held in a confidential file by the Company’s Human Resources Department.
Annual Review. The Executive’s Base Salary will be reviewed by the Board, based upon the Executive’s performance not less than annually.
Annual Review. The Executive’s performance shall be reviewed at least annually. The performance evaluations shall consider and assess the Executive’s performance of his duties and responsibilities, the timely accomplishment of existing performance objectives, his level of efficiency and overall effectiveness and/or other factors or criteria that the Company, in its sole discretion, may deem relevant. The frequency of performance evaluations may vary depending upon, among other things, length of service, past performance, changes in job duties or performance levels. The Board shall, at least annually, review the Executive’s entire compensation package to determine whether it continues to meet the Company’s compensation objectives. Such annual review will include a determination of (i) whether to increase the Base Salary in accordance with Section 3(a); (ii) the incentive performance bonus to be awarded in accordance with Section 3(b); and (iii) the amount and type of any equity awards granted in accordance with Section 3(c). Positive performance evaluations do not guarantee salary increases or incentive bonuses. Salary increases and incentive bonus awards are solely within the discretion of the Board and may depend upon many factors other than the Executive’s performance.
Annual Review. On an annual basis, at least thirty (30) and not more than sixty (60) days prior to the end of the term of this Agreement, the compensation committee (the “Committee”) designated by the Board will conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation and review of Executive’s performance, and the results thereof will be included in the Minutes of the Board’s meeting.