Fully Vested Sample Clauses

Fully Vested. As of the date of this Amendment, all Options issued to the Executive have fully vested under Section 6(c) of the Agreement.
Fully Vested. The Xxxxxxxx Shares shall be fully vested as of the date of the applicable Xxxxxxxx Share Delivery.
Fully Vested. The CC New Units shall be fully vested as of the date on which they are issued to CC (as applicable, the “Date of Issuance”).
Fully Vested. All Purchased Shares shall be fully vested.
Fully Vested. All or any portion of the options granted hereby shall be fully exercisable at any time and from time to time commencing as of the date of grant and throughout the entire term of such option.
Fully Vested. (3) As Individual continues in Service, Individual shall acquire a vested interest in, and the Repurchase Right shall lapse with respect to, the Shares in installments in accordance with the following provisions:
Fully Vested. Pursuant to Section 8.1, a Participant’s Company Qualified Non-Elective Contribution Account shall be fully vested at all times.
Fully Vested. One hundred percent (100%) of the SAR Shares shall be exercisable as of the Grant Date; provided, however, that in the event the Participant is removed from service on the Board for cause, any unexercised portion of the SAR as of the effective date of the Participant’s termination of service shall be forfeited.
Fully Vested. One-hundred percent (100%) of the RSUs shall be vested as of the Date of Grant.
Fully Vested. 3C Upon execution of this Agreement by both Parties, HDI’S rights to receive the cash component payments under Section 3.A(ii) above, and to receive the Stock Component of 2,125,000 shares of NB common stock under Section 3.B above, shall be fully vested, irrevocable and not subject to any further conditions or performance by HDI