Clause 2 definition

Clause 2. The time allowed for carrying out the work as entered in the tender shall be strictly observed by the contractor and shall be reckoned from the date on which the order to commence work is given to the contractor. The work shall throughout the stipulated period of the contract be proceeded with, all due diligence (time being deemed to be the essence of the contract on part of the contractor) and the contractor shall pay as compensation an amount equal to one percent, or such smaller amount as the Chief Executive Officer Zilla Parishad Solapur (whose decision in writing shall be final) may decide, of the amount of the estimated cost of the whole work as shown in the tender for every day that work remains un-commenced, or unfinished after the proper dates. And further to ensure good progress during the execution of the works, the contractor shall be bound in all cases, in which the time allowed for any work exceeds one month to complete.
Clause 2. If Party A is willing to sell the leased space, it should notify Party B with a three month written notice. Under the same conditions, Party B has the preemptive right to purchase the leased space.
Clause 2. Credit Clause: Free documents licensing warning Optional element. Although you need to retain the credit, you should remove the inline copyright warning from this document before use. Clause 3: Term Clause 3.2 Is the term of the contract indefinite, or will it come to an end upon some agreed date, or upon the occurrence of a defined event? Upon what date will the contract terminate? Upon the occurrence of what event will the contract terminate? Clause 4: Licence Clause 4.1 When does the licence to use the software commence? Will the licence expire at some point? What sort of licence is granted? When will the licence end? What specific rights are granted to the User? Will the licence specify how many instances of the software may be installed? How many instances of the software may be installed? Will the licence specify how many instances of the software may be used? Can the use of the software be circumscribed by reference to its documentation? How many instances of the software may be used? How many back-up copies of the software may be created? Clause 4.2 Will the User have the option to ask the Licensor for consent to sub-licensing? Clause 4.2 To whom may the software be sub-licensed? Is the right to sub-license restricted by reference to purpose? Specify the purposes by reference to which sub-licensing is permitted.

Examples of Clause 2 in a sentence

  • Eligibility andQualification 13.2 The documentary evidence of the Bidder’s eligibility to bid shall establish to the Procuring agency’s satisfaction that the Bidder, at the time of submission of its bid, is from an eligible country as defined under ITB Clause 2.

  • Question that Clause 2 do stand part of the Bill, put and agreed to.

  • If, under the existing codal rules, secured advance is paid on all or any of the imperishable items mentioned at (ii) to (vi) & (viii) to (ix) in Sub Clause (2) above, no price variation shall be admissible on such Item (s) in respect of the quantity or quantities for which secured advance has been paid to the contractor.

  • Each bidder shall prepare one (1) Original and one (01) Copy, of the documents comprising the bid as described in Clause 2 and clearly mark them “ORIGINAL” and “COPY” as specified.

  • The amount payable or deductible in respect of item No. (v) of Sub Clause (2) shall be calculated on the basis of the actual quantity of cement and steel bars used in the manufacture of the pipes during the month.

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Clause 2 in accordance with the contract' This is the residue of our wording 'Complete in accordance with the Contract'. I think it unhelp because CCC will not be taking over the Northern Works in accordance with the Contract (quite the reverse) but in accordance with the Supplemental Agreement. Defects I have deleted your clause 3 entirely. Under the Contract as it presently exists, Completion can only follow correction of notified Defects which would have prevented the Employer from using the works. Defects are defined to include non compliance with the Works Information. Under the Contract there is a 'defects date' (10 years after the issue of the section 1 Completion Certificate) and a 'defects correction period' (4 weeks). In short, for 10 years after Completion of section 1 is certified, Xxxxxxx must return and correct notified defects within 4 weeks of notification. The proposed clause 3 does not provide that, for the Northern Works, this 10 years should start to run from take over of completion of the Northern Works. I gather that it has been discussed and agreed that the defects date will not start early for the northern works. Instead, the proposed clause 3 redefines defects as only those defects not known or reasonably discoverable at the date of take over. This is, of course, unacceptable to CCC. Such a 'seismic change' (to quote Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx) has no logical connection with taking over the northern works and is plainly an attempt to gain a collateral advantage (which you had said was not something on Xxxxxxx'x agenda). The entire clause must be deleted.
Clause 2. Both parties consult each other for the payment of the related housing rental tax. Article Four: Renovation and Remodeling Maintaining the leased space in good condition is Party A's responsibility. Party A should check and inspect and premise regularly to make sure there is no flooding, drainage and indoor water supply, sewage, and electricity is normal so that Party B can use the leased space comfortably. Regarding the renovation scope and standard, both parties should follow the Notice No.13 issued by the Beijing Municipal Construction Department. When Party A renovates the premise, Party B should assist Party A, and should not deter the renovation works in any form. With regard to the renovation project of the leased space, both parties consult each other to reach agreement on the renovation details. Without obtaining the prior written agreement of Party A, Party B cannot carry out any modification, enlargement or improvement to the leased space. Without the approval of Party A, Party B cannot make any marks, painting or drilling, and cannot damage the outer appearances of the leased space and the building in any form. Regarding the ownership of the decorations at the expiration of the lease agreement, both parties agree that: Party B is responsible for the decoration costs and the ownership right belongs to Party A.
Clause 2. Ad-hoc Committee The President of the Board shall have the power to form ad-hoc committees.
Clause 2. If there is a municipal construction need that the premise has to be tear down or has to be remodeled, each party bears no responsibility with regard to the damage. If the lease agreement is forced to cease due to the above-mentioned clauses, the rent will be calculated based on the usage time, and the extra rent will be refunded to Party B.
Clause 2 areas The tenant rents the bedroom and is allowed to use the following areas (mark as applicable) o Joint use/private use of bedroom o Joint use/private use of the entire residence o joint use/private use of shower/bath o joint use/private use of own balcony Пункт 2: Місця спільного користування Наймач винаймає спальну кімнату з правом на використання наступних місць (зазначте потрібне) o Спільне/індивідуальне користування спальною кімнатою o Спільне/індивідуальне користування усією квартирою o спільне/індивідуальне користування душовою/ванною кімнатою o спільне/індивідуальне використання балкону квартири o joint use/private use of shed/storage space o joint use/private use of kitchen o joint use/private use of toilet o joint use/private use of garden o joint use/private use of o o o
Clause 2. The marginal heading, the words, notes, titles and phrases used in these General Conditions and documents attached hereto, are strictly for information and directions of the reader with regard to the contents of the said documents and shall by no means be invoked for interpretation of the said clauses nor shall they be deemed to be part thereof or be taken into consideration in the interpretation thereof or of the contract. Marginal headings for information only. CONTRACT DOCUMENT Clause 3: Except if and to the extent otherwise provided by the contract, the conditions of contract and additional conditions annexed hereto prevail over those if (any other document forming part of the contract). Subject to the foregoing, the several documents forming the contract are to be taken as mutually explanatory of one another: but in case of any error, omission, ambiguity or discrepancy is found between these documents, the same shall be reported to the Director Works who shall correct such error or omission, or explain and adjust the ambiguity or discrepancy, as the case may be, and shall thereupon issue to the contractor instructions directing in what manner the work is to be carried out. Provided always that if in the opinion of the Director Works compliance with any such instructions shall involve the contractor in any expenses which by reason of any such error, omission, ambiguity or discrepancy the contractor did not have reasons to anticipate, the PWWB shall pay such additional sums as the shall certify to be reasonable to cover such expenses. Provided further that any work done by the contractor, which perpetuates or adds to any error, omission, ambiguity or discrepancy, already discovered and pointed out, shall be considered to have been done at the contractor‟s own risk. Clause 4:
Clause 2. The contractor shall deliver the materials on or before the dates mentioned in the tender and schedule failing which he shall be liable to pay a sum of Rs. 500/- as and for liquidated damage for every day that he shall delay the delivery of the said materials. Liability of contractor for failure in delivery of materials.