Combination Sample Clauses

Combination. The available modifications and combinations of Class M Notes to be exchanged for MAC Notes, and vice versa, shown in Appendix II. Commission: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
Combination. The sum of 50% of the ordinary life insurance premiums and all other life insurance premiums will not exceed 25% of the aggregate Employer Contributions and Forfeitures allocated to any Participant's Individual Account. If this Plan is a profit sharing plan, the above incidental benefits limits do not apply to life insurance contracts purchased with Employer Contributions and Forfeitures that have been in the Participant's Individual Account for at least 2 full Plan Years, measured from the date such contributions were allocated.
Combination. If a decrease has been effected in the number outstanding Shares by reason of a combination or reclassification of Shares, the number of Option Shares which may thereafter be purchased under this Option shall be the number of Shares which the Optionee would have been deemed to hold as a result of such combination or reclassification had the Optionee been the holder of record of the Option Shares immediately prior to such combination or reclassification. In such event, the exercise price per Option Share shall be proportionately increased.
Combination. The sum of 1/2 of the ordinary life insurance premiums and all other life insurance premiums will not exceed 1/4 of the aggregate employer contributions allocated to any Participant.
Combination. Courses designated to include a combination of instructional modes may be designated as Category 1 in part, Category 2 in part, and as Category 3 in part.
Combination. (a) Except as provided in Section 4.2(c), ----------- in the event of a Combination, the Holders shall have the right to receive upon exercise of each Warrant the number of shares of capital stock or other securities or an amount of property equal to the Adjusted Litigation Recovery divided by 85,759,465 divided by the aggregate Adjusted Market Value of the capital stock, other securities or property that one share of Common Stock was exchanged for or converted into as a result of such Combination.
Combination. If the Corporation shall enter into any consolidation, merger, combination or other transaction in which the Common Shares are exchanged for or changed into other stock, securities, cash or any other property, then (in each such event) the Series A Voting Preferred Shares shall at the same time be similarly exchanged or changed in an amount per Share (subject to the provision for adjustment hereinafter set forth) equal to 100 times the aggregate amount of stock, securities, cash or any other property (payable in kind), as the case may be, into which or for which each Common Share is changed or exchanged. If, at any time on or after the Rights Declaration Date, the Corporation (i) declares any dividend on Common Shares payable outstanding Common Shares into a smaller number of Shares, (ii) subdivides the outstanding Common Shares; or (iii) combines the outstanding Common Shares into a smaller number of Shares, then (in each such case) the amount set forth in the preceding sentence with respect to the exchange or change of Series A Voting Preferred Shares shall be adjusted by multiplying such amount by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of Common Shares outstanding immediately after such event and the denominator of which is the number of Common Shares that were outstanding immediately prior to such event.
Combination. A course which combines lecture with either laboratory or clinical activities section. Commonly denoted with a “C” designator.
Combination. In the event that at any time or from time to time after the date of this Warrant the outstanding shares of Common Stock shall be combined or consolidated into a lesser number of shares of Common Stock (by reclassification or otherwise), then the Exercise Price in effect immediately prior to such event shall, concurrently with the effectiveness of such event, be increased proportionately.
Combination. The Combination shall have been consummated on the terms described in the Transaction Agreement on or prior to the Outside Date, without giving effect to any amendment, consent, waiver or other modification thereof that is materially adverse to interests of the Stone Noteholders (in their capacities as such).