IS DELETED Sample Clauses

IS DELETED. Explanation: Old language set out information forwarded to Union. Now covered in Article 3.01
IS DELETED. All references to reimbursement of Loan Extension Closing Costs or Pooled Expenses are deleted and Owner acknowledges such amounts have been paid.
IS DELETED. (d) upon the death or permanent disability of Consultant; "

Related to IS DELETED

  • Intentionally Deleted ARTICLE 23

  • Intentionally Omitted See Section 7.03 of the Credit Agreement for these provisions.]

  • DELETED 9.6 Each member's daily duty roster shall be posted six (6) weeks in advance of each shift but such daily duty roster shall be subject to change depending upon the exigencies of the service as determined by the Chief of Police whose discretion in this regard shall be exercised reasonably.

  • Master Definitions Supplement All terms and expressions used in this Agreement shall have the same meaning as those contained in the Master Definitions Supplement to the CAISO Tariff.

  • General Conditions; Definitions 1.01. The General Conditions (as defined in the Appendix to this Agreement) constitute an integral part of this Agreement.