RELATED POLICIES. Positive Relationships at MLC – Student Anti-Bullying Policy and ProceduresAgreement for Student Use of Technology at MLC Kew, MLC Marshmead and MLC Banksia • Drug Education, Health and Wellbeing Policy • Student Wellbeing Policy 7. GOVERNANCE DOCUMENT DETAILS Title: Student Code of Discipline and Behaviour PolicyCURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW [2021] Policy Approver: Vice Principal Policy Owner: Director of Student Wellbeing Date Created: April 2006 Review Timeline: Annual Date of next review: September 2022 VERSION CONTROL Version Date Description V1 Apr 2006 Policy created V2 Feb 2011 Minor updates V3 Nov 2012 Minor updates V4 Apr 2013 Minor updates V5 Dec 2018 Minor updates to bring policy in line with changes to related College policies (Positive Relationships at MLC – Student Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures; Student Drug Education, Health and Wellbeing Policy). V6 Sep 2021 Policy format updated to comply with new College policy template. This policy is currently undergoing a major review. AUDIENCE PUBLICATION LOCATION All MLC staff MLC Staff Hub > Document Central
RELATED POLICIES. A. Contracting and Signing Authority; S-FW-LD-1001
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Claims Made Policies If any of the required policies provide coverage on a claims-made basis:
Other Insurance Policies No action, inaction or event has occurred and no state of facts exists or has existed that has resulted or will result in the exclusion from, denial of, or defense to coverage under any applicable special hazard insurance policy, PMI Policy or bankruptcy bond, irrespective of the cause of such failure of coverage. In connection with the placement of any such insurance, no commission, fee, or other compensation has been or will be received by Seller or by any officer, director, or employee of Seller or any designee of Seller or any corporation in which Seller or any officer, director, or employee had a financial interest at the time of placement of such insurance.
Policies All policies of insurance (the “Policies”) required pursuant to Section 7.1.1 shall (i) be issued by companies approved by Lender and licensed to do business in the State, with a claims paying ability rating of “A” or better by S&P (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency) (provided, however for multi-layered policies, (a) if four (4) or less insurance companies issue the Policies, then at least 75% of the insurance coverage represented by the Policies must be provided by insurance companies with a claims paying ability rating of “A” or better by S&P (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency), with no carrier below “BBB” (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency) or (b) if five (5) or more insurance companies issue the Policies, then at least sixty percent (60%) of the insurance coverage represented by the Policies must be provided by insurance companies with a claims paying ability rating of “A” or better by S&P (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency), with no carrier below “BBB” (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency), and a rating of A:XV or better in the current Best’s Insurance Reports; (ii) name Lender and Senior Lender and its successors and/or assigns as their interest may appear as the mortgagee (in the case of property insurance), loss payee (in the case of business interruption/loss of rents coverage) and an additional insured (in the case of liability insurance); (iii) contain (in the case of property insurance and subject to the rights of Senior Lender) a Non-Contributory Standard Mortgagee Clause and a Lender’s Loss Payable Endorsement, or their equivalents, naming Lender as the person to which all payments made by such insurance company shall be paid, subject to the rights of Senior Lender; (iv) contain a waiver of subrogation against Lender; (v) subject to the rights of Senior Lender, be assigned and the originals thereof delivered to Lender; (vi) contain such provisions as Lender deems reasonably necessary or desirable to protect its interest, including (a) endorsements providing that neither Borrower, Owner, Lender nor any other party shall be a co-insurer under the Policies, (b) that Lender shall receive at least thirty (30) days’ prior written notice of any modification, reduction or cancellation of any of the Policies, (c) an agreement whereby the insurer waives any right to claim any premiums and commissions against Lender, provided that the policy need not waive the requirement that the premium be paid in order for a claim to be paid to the insured and (d) providing that Lender is permitted to make payments to effect the continuation of such policy upon notice of cancellation due to non-payment of premiums; (vii) in the event any insurance policy (except for general public and other liability and workers compensation insurance) shall contain breach of warranty provisions, such policy shall provide that with respect to the interest of Lender, such insurance policy shall not be invalidated by and shall insure Lender regardless of (a) any act, failure to act or negligence of or violation of warranties, declarations or conditions contained in such policy by any named insured, (b) the occupancy or use of the premises for purposes more hazardous than permitted by the terms thereof, or (c) any foreclosure or other action or proceeding taken by Lender pursuant to any provision of the Loan Documents; and (viii) be satisfactory in form and substance to Lender and approved by Lender as to amounts, form, risk coverage, deductibles, loss payees and insureds. Borrower shall cause Owner to pay the premiums for such Policies (the “Insurance Premiums”) as the same become due and payable and furnish to Lender evidence of the renewal of each of the Policies together with (unless such Insurance Premiums have been paid by Senior Lender pursuant to Section 3.3 of the Senior Loan Agreement) receipts for or other evidence of the payment of the Insurance Premiums reasonably satisfactory to Lender. If Borrower does not furnish such evidence and receipts at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of any expiring Policy, then Lender may, but shall not be obligated to, procure such insurance and pay the Insurance Premiums therefor, and Borrower shall reimburse Lender for the cost of such Insurance Premiums promptly on demand, with interest accruing at the Default Rate. Borrower shall deliver (or cause Owner to deliver) to Lender a certified copy of each Policy within thirty (30) days after its effective date. Within thirty (30) days after request by Lender, Borrower shall obtain (or cause Owner to obtain) such increases in the amounts of coverage required hereunder as may be reasonably requested by Lender, taking into consideration changes in the value of money over time, changes in liability laws, changes in prudent customs and practices, and the like.
Insurance Policies Insurance required herein shall be by companies duly licensed or admitted to transact business in the state where the Premises are located, and maintaining during the policy term a "General Policyholders Rating" of at least B+, V, as set forth in the most current issue of "Best's Insurance Guide", or such other rating as may be required by a Lender. Lessee shall not do or permit to be done anything which invalidates the required insurance policies. Lessee shall, prior to the Start Date, deliver to Lessor certified copies of policies of such insurance or certificates evidencing the existence and amounts of the required insurance. No such policy shall be cancelable or subject to modification except after thirty (30) days prior written notice to Lessor. Lessee shall, at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of such policies, furnish Lessor with evidence of renewals or "insurance binders" evidencing renewal thereof, or Lessor may order such insurance and charge the cost thereof to Lessee, which amount shall be payable by Lessee to Lessor upon demand. Such policies shall be for a term of at least one year, or the length of the remaining term of this Lease, whichever is less. If either Party shall fail to procure and maintain the insurance required to be carried by it, the other Party may, but shall not be required to, procure and maintain the same.
Blanket Policies Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Lessee's obligations to carry the insurance provided for herein may be brought within the coverage of a so-called blanket policy or policies of insurance carried and maintained by the Lessee and its Affiliates; provided, however, that the coverage afforded to the Lessor shall not be reduced or diminished or otherwise be different from that which would exist under a separate policy meeting all other requirements of this Lease by reason of the use of such blanket policy of insurance, and provided, further that the requirements of this Section 12.1 are otherwise satisfied.
Standard Hazard and Flood Insurance Policies For each Mortgage Loan (other than a Cooperative Loan), the Master Servicer shall maintain, or cause to be maintained by each Servicer, standard fire and casualty insurance and, where applicable, flood insurance, all in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the related Servicing Agreement, as applicable. It is understood and agreed that such insurance shall be with insurers meeting the eligibility requirements set forth in the applicable Servicing Agreement and that no earthquake or other additional insurance is to be required of any Mortgagor or to be maintained on property acquired in respect of a defaulted loan, other than pursuant to such applicable laws and regulations as shall at any time be in force and as shall require such additional insurance. Pursuant to Section 4.01, any amounts collected by the Master Servicer, or by any Servicer, under any insurance policies maintained pursuant to this Section 9.16 or any Servicing Agreement (other than amounts to be applied to the restoration or repair of the property subject to the related Mortgage or released to the Mortgagor in accordance with the applicable Servicing Agreement) shall be deposited into the Collection Account, subject to withdrawal pursuant to Section 4.02. Any cost incurred by the Master Servicer or any Servicer in maintaining any such insurance if the Mortgagor defaults in its obligation to do so shall be added to the amount owing under the Mortgage Loan where the terms of the Mortgage Loan so permit; provided, however, that the addition of any such cost shall not be taken into account for purposes of calculating the distributions to be made to Certificateholders and shall be recoverable by the Master Servicer or such Servicer pursuant to Section 4.02.
Investment Policies The investment policy of this Fund is to purchase equity securities, including depositary receipts, of certain companies traded in global developed countries which the Investment Manager deems eligible. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will invest most of its net assets in securities of companies located in global developed countries. The Fund will generally be overweighted in small companies and in shares which the Investment Manager deems to be eligible value stocks, and underweighted in large growth companies. Companies are considered small primarily based on a company's market capitalisation. Securities are considered value stocks primarily because a company's shares have a high book value in relation to their market value. In assessing value, the Investment Manager may consider additional factors such as price to cash flow or price to earnings ratios, as well as economic conditions and developments in the issuer's industry. The criteria the Investment Manager uses for assessing value are subject to change from time to time. The Investment Manager may also modify Fund allocations after considering other factors which the Investment Manager determines to be appropriate, such as free float, momentum, trading strategies, liquidity management, and profitability, as well as other factors that the Investment Manager determines to be appropriate. In assessing profitability, the Investment Manager may consider different ratios, such as that of earnings or profits from operations relative to book value or assets. Equity securities in which the Fund may invest include, without limitation, common stock, preferred stock and depositary receipts. Generally, the Fund intends to purchase a broad and diverse group of readily marketable shares of companies traded on principal exchanges in certain global developed countries. For a current list of countries as of the date of this Prospectus, please refer to GLOBAL DEVELOPED EQUITY FUNDS – COUNTRIES below. No more than 20% of the Fund's net assets will be invested in countries which the Investment Manager considers to be emerging markets. In addition, the Fund may invest in collective investment schemes which the Investment Manager considers will give consistent returns to investors in line with the target returns of the Fund. No more than 5% of the Fund’s net assets will be invested in collective investment schemes, however the Investment Manager may increase this limit to 10% of the Fund’s net assets upon prior notice to the Shareholders of the Fund. In constructing the Fund, the Investment Manager will generally invest the Fund in a very broadly diversified portfolio of equity securities. The Investment Manager further diversifies the Fund by allocating assets among a variety of different asset classes, such as large capitalisation, small capitalisation and emerging markets stocks. The Directors have established two Classes in this Fund. JPY Accumulation Shares and JPY Distributing Shares are denominated in Japanese Yen. The Investment Manager does not currently intend to hedge any foreign currency exposure in any Class. For efficient portfolio management purposes the Fund may acquire forward foreign currency contracts to settle non-Base Currency trades by entering into forward foreign currency contracts whose settlement date is the same as or prior to the settlement date of the non-Base Currency security. The Fund may also enter into forward foreign currency contracts to exchange one currency for another, including to convert excess foreign currency to Base Currency. The Fund may acquire futures with the aim of achieving efficient equitisation, for example, in the event of a large cash inflow to the Fund, futures give the Fund the ability to gain equities exposure before the Fund invests the cash directly into equities. The Fund will not be leveraged through the use of forward foreign currency contracts. To the extent that the Fund utilises futures for efficient portfolio management purposes, the Fund may be leveraged, but such leverage will not be material and will not, in any circumstances, exceed 100% of the Net Asset Value of the Fund at any time. The Fund's global exposure relating to derivative instruments will be calculated using a commitment approach. Please see APPENDIX II for further details in relation to the use of forward foreign currency contracts and futures for efficient portfolio management purposes. It is not the Fund's current intention to utilise any derivative instruments other than forward foreign currency contracts and futures. Save as specified above in the case of the use of futures for efficient portfolio management purposes, the Directors will monitor the Fund's assets to ensure the Fund is not leveraged through the use of forward foreign currency contracts. As the Fund will not be leveraged through the use of forward foreign currency contracts, and although the Fund may be leveraged through utilising futures it is not expected that there will be any increase in the Fund's risk profile. The Fund may use repurchase agreements for efficient portfolio management purposes. Investor Profile The Fund is suitable for investors seeking to maximise long-term total return.
Certain Policies Prior to the Effective Date, each of the Company and its Subsidiaries shall, consistent with GAAP, the rules and regulations of the SEC and applicable banking laws and regulations, modify or change its loan, OREO, accrual, reserve, tax, litigation and real estate valuation policies and practices (including loan classifications and levels of reserves) so as to be applied on a basis that is consistent with that of Parent; provided, however, that no such modifications or changes need be made prior to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Sections 7.01(a) and 7.01(b); and further provided that in any event, no accrual or reserve made by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries pursuant to this Section 6.15 shall constitute or be deemed to be a breach, violation of or failure to satisfy any representation, warranty, covenant, agreement, condition or other provision of this Agreement or otherwise be considered in determining whether any such breach, violation or failure to satisfy shall have occurred. The recording of any such adjustments shall not be deemed to imply any misstatement of previously furnished financial statements or information and shall not be construed as concurrence of the Company or its management with any such adjustments.
Payment of Checks, Drafts and Orders Subject to Section 9.5, the Assuming Institution agrees to pay all properly drawn checks, drafts and withdrawal orders of depositors of the Failed Bank presented for payment, whether drawn on the check or draft forms provided by the Failed Bank or by the Assuming Institution, to the extent that the Deposit balances to the credit of the respective makers or drawers assumed by the Assuming Institution under this Agreement are sufficient to permit the payment thereof, and in all other respects to discharge, in the usual course of conducting a banking business, the duties and obligations of the Failed Bank with respect to the Deposit balances due and owing to the depositors of the Failed Bank assumed by the Assuming Institution under this Agreement.
Other Policies All other matters relating to the employment of the Employee not specifically addressed in this Agreement shall be subject to the general policies regarding executive employees of the Company as in effect from time to time.