Data Protection definition

Data Protection means the temporary right of the owner of a test or study report to prevent it being used for the benefit of another applicant;

Examples of Data Protection in a sentence

  • Data protection – By entering into this rental agreement you agree that we can process and store your personal information in connection with this agreement.

  • Data protection law requires B-Skill to build data protection considerations and security measures into all of our operations that involve the processing of personal data, particularly at the start of a new project or activity which may impact on the privacy of individuals.

  • In its practical work forensic experts do not use uniform methods for assessment of compliance / non-compliance with the set one’s criteria from the court or other institution that commissioned the expertise.Law Enforcement Directive 2016/680 ant the other relevant EU acts are applied in the national legislation through the Personal Data protection Act.

  • Data protection is an important legal compliance issue for Port Regis.

  • Data protection law has strengthened the rights of individuals and placed tougher compliance obligations on organisations including schools that handle personal information.

More Definitions of Data Protection

Data Protection means the Data Protection as applicable in the Country where the Auction takes place or such other legislation which enacts or consolidates it (with or without modification);
Data Protection. Each party will comply with the provisions set out in Schedule 6.
Data Protection. We have a detailed privacy notice which can be found on our website or by visiting this link Privacy Notice. Alternatively, you can request a copy by emailing or calling 0800 368 9199.
Data Protection. The data collected during the term of the agreement shall be exclusively used for Xyz and Xyz shall exclusively own the same. <Agency Name> shall collect the data in accordance with the privacy laws. METRICS AND MEASUREMENT: <Agency Name> shall endeavor to measure the volume, reach, engagement, influence, feedback etc and shall periodically report to Xyz.
Data Protection means the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK data protection law or any other data protection law wherever Giveall operates.
Data Protection means applying technical and administrative controls to reduce or mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or unlawful processing of Sensitive Information and against the accidental loss or destruction of Sensitive Information.