Definition of Policy and Procedures

Policy and Procedures means those policies and procedures to be followed by LEAF Financial with respect to the origination, collection and administration of Contracts and as set forth in LEAF Financial's Policy and Procedures Manual on the Closing Date, as the same may be amended or modified with the prior written consent of the Lender.

Examples of Policy and Procedures in a sentence

The Employee shall comply fully with all Company policies, procedures and rules, as determined, promulgated and modified by the Company from time to time, including, without limitation, the Company's policies, procedures and rules prohibiting discrimination and harassment, and concerning email and Internet use, and the Company's Insider Trading Policy and Procedures.
A copy of Towers Perrin Reinsurance's Market Security Policy and Procedures has been attached to this Cover Note and the Reassured has been advised as to the status of all Reinsurers participating herein as regards this market security criteria.
For these reasons, the Company has established the following Policy and Procedures covering material, non-public information and trading in securities of the Company, as well as trading in the securities of other enterprises where the information about such enterprises was obtained as a result of a relationship with the Company.
If the Executive fails to comply with these rules or is disqualified from driving for any period, the Company reserves the right to dismiss the Executive immediately without compensation in accordance with the Companys Disciplinary Policy and Procedures.
Changes to the Policy and Procedures Manuals following the Effective Date shall be subject to an equitable adjustment to the Staffing Plan or the Charges.