Document Management Sample Clauses

Document Management. The Contractor must retain sufficient documentation to substantiate claims for payment under the Contract and all other records, electronic files, papers, and documents that were made in relation to this Contract. The Contractor must retain all documents related to the Contract for five (5) years after expiration of the Contract or, if longer, the period required by the General Records Schedules maintained by the Florida Department of State available at the Department of State’s Records Management website.
Document Management. The insurer may hold documents relating to this insurance and any claims under it in electronic form and may destroy the originals. An electronic copy of any such document will be admissible in evidence to the same extent as, and carry the same weight as, the original.
Document Management. ‌ 4 Developer shall establish and maintain a web-based Electronic Document Management System 5 (EDMS) to transfer, store, catalog, and retrieve all Project-related documents. Unless otherwise 6 provided in the Contract Documents or directed by ADOT, Developer shall provide ADOT and
Document Management. 3.2.1 The Professional shall establish and maintain an electronic project management information system utilizing the web based FNi Manager System.
Document Management. The project administration chapter of the MMP shall include a document management plan. The document management plan shall contain procedures for document management including the manner in which records will be maintained in compliance with the Design-Build Specifications and any specific systems DB Contractor will use.
Document Management. All documents produced as part of the Consultant's services must be produced and recorded in accordance with the Board's document preparation and management requirements, which will be provided to Consultant separately.
Document Management. All documents created by Consultant under this Agreement must be produced and recorded in accordance with DFW's document preparation and management requirements, which will be provided to Consultant separately.
Document Management. The Riskonnect RCMIS will provide the County with the following features or capabilities:
Document Management. The eClinicalWorks Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that all deliverable documents are submitted in accordance with a pre-determined schedule, contain the required data elements, and are approved by the appropriate representative(s) of the client’s Project Team. Once approved, the documentation is baselined. Changes will be made by eCW to ensure that each deliverable is updated monthly to reflect the most current project status. Changes that impact the project schedule, budget, and/or staffing are subject to Change Control procedures and require the designated levels of approval prior to implementation.