Illegal Activity definition

Illegal Activity means the wilful possession of an illegal drug, dangerous object, or stolen item.
Illegal Activity means conduct involving use of a Registered Name sponsored by Registrar that is prohibited by applicable law and/or exploitation of Registrar’s domain name resolution or registration services in furtherance of conduct involving the use of a Registered Name sponsored by Registrar that is prohibited by applicable law.
Illegal Activity means illegal, unlawful, fraudulent, money laundering or other improper activities, as well as breaking into the Site, or attempting to do the same.

Examples of Illegal Activity in a sentence

  • The Borrower shall take, within a reasonable timeframe, appropriate measures in respect of any member of its management bodies who has been convicted by a final and irrevocable court ruling of an Illegal Activity perpetrated in the course of the exercise of his/her professional duties, in order to ensure that such member is excluded from any Borrower’s activity in relation to the Credit, Loan or the Project.

More Definitions of Illegal Activity

Illegal Activity means an activity carried out which, under any written law in the Republic, amounts to an offence;
Illegal Activity means the manufacture, compounding, processing, preparation, sale, distribution, transferring, possession, storage, transportation, or concealment of illegal substances which are intended to be sold for value, or the attempt to do so.
Illegal Activity means any unlawful activity that constitutes a crime under state or federal law. However, an individual's status as an undocumented alien does not constitute unlawful activity.
Illegal Activity means an activity, which has been finally determined to be in noncompliance with the Deemed Approved provisions and performance standards. Such an activity shall lose its Deemed Approved status and shall no longer be considered a Deemed Approved activity.
Illegal Activity means any of the following illegal activities or activities carried out for illegal purposes according to applicable laws in any of the following areas: (i) fraud, corruption, coercion, collusion or obstruction, (ii) money laundering, financing of terrorism or tax crimes each as defined in the AML Directives, and (iii) other illegal activity against the financial interests of the European Union as defined in the PIF Directive.
Illegal Activity means any activity, not including Title and Rights activism, which contravenes the Criminal Code of Canada.
Illegal Activity. All illegal activity is prohibited on the premises.