Pursuant to Minn Sample Clauses

Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 10A.06, no person may act as or employ a lobbyist for compensation that is dependent upon the result or outcome of any legislation or administrative action. Certification of Nondiscrimination (in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 16C.053). If the value of this Contract, including all extensions, is $50,000 or more, Contractor certifies it does not engage in and has no present plans to engage in discrimination against Israel, or against persons or entities doing business in Israel, when making decisions related to the operation of the vendor's business. For purposes of this section, "discrimination" includes but is not limited to engaging in refusals to deal, terminating business activities, or other actions that are intended to limit commercial relations with Israel, or persons or entities doing business in Israel, when such actions are taken in a manner that in any way discriminates on the basis of nationality or national origin and is not based on a valid business reason. Non-discrimination (in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 181.59). The Contractor will comply with the provisions of Minn. Stat. § 181.59. E-Verify Certification (in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 16C.075). For services valued in excess of $50,000, Contractor certifies that as of the date of services performed on behalf of the State, Contractor and all its subcontractors will have implemented or be in the process of implementing the federal E- Verify Program for all newly hired employees in the United States who will perform work on behalf of the State. Contractor is responsible for collecting all subcontractor certifications and may do so utilizing the E-Verify Subcontractor Certification Form available at xxxx://xxx.xxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/doc/EverifySubCertForm.doc. All subcontractor certifications must be kept on file with Contractor and made available to the State upon request.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 16C.145, the Contractor must comply with the following nonvisual technology access standards to the extent required by law: • That the effective interactive control and use of the technology, including the operating system applications programs, prompts, and format of the data presented, are readily achievable by nonvisual means; • That the nonvisual access technology must be compatible with information technology used by other individuals with whom the blind or visually impaired individual must interact; • That nonvisual access technology must be integrated into networks used to share communications among employees, program participants, and the public; and • That the nonvisual access technology must have the capability of providing equivalent access by nonvisual means to telecommunications or other interconnected network services used by persons who are not blind or visually impaired; and • Executive branch state agencies subject to Section 16E.03, subdivision 9, are not required to include nonvisual technology access standards developed under this Section in contracts for the procurement of information technology. These standards do not require the installation of software or peripheral devices used for nonvisual access when the information technology is being used by individuals who are not blind or visually impaired.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 471.425, subd. 4a, Contractor, as prime contractor, shall pay any subcontractor within ten (10) days of Contractor’s receipt of payment from MPHA for undisputed services provided by the subcontractor. Contractor is required to pay interest at 1.5% per month or any part of a month to any subcontractor on any undisputed amount not paid on time to the subcontractor. Contractor shall be responsible for any and all costs associated with subcontractor suspension of work due to failure to promptly pay pursuant to state law. For an unpaid balance of less than $100.00, Contractor shall pay the actual penalty due to the subcontractor. The minimum monthly interest penalty payment for an unpaid balance of $100.00 or more is $10.00. If subcontractor prevails in a civil action to collect interest penalties from Contractor, Contractor shall pay the subcontractor’s reasonable costs and disbursements, including attorney’s fees.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 116J.994 Subd.3(a)(6), the Project Operator agrees to continue operations, in substantially the same manner and scale, in the City of Xxxxxxxx for at least five years after the benefit date.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. §16C.05, Subd. 5, the University agrees that County, the State Auditor, or any of their duly authorized representatives at any time during normal business hours and as often as they may reasonably deem necessary, shall have access to and the right to examine, audit, excerpt, and transcribe any books, documents, papers, records, etc., which are pertinent to the accounting practices and procedures of relating to this Agreement. University agrees to maintain these records in accordance with applicable law.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 273.01, existing property value, along with any value attributed to the construction of the Project, whether partial or complete, whether a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued or not, shall be valued as of January 2 for property tax payable the following year.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. Sec. 16C.05, Subd. 5, any books, records, documents, and accounting procedures and practices of the County and the City relevant to the Agreement are subject to examination by the County, the City, and either the Legislative Auditor or the State Auditor as appropriate. The County and the City agree to maintain these records for a period of six years from the date of performance of all services covered under this Agreement.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 116J.994 Subd. 3(b), the estimated value of the Tax Incentive approved by the City Council to the Project Operator is $4,500.00.
Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 116J.994 Subd.7(b), the Project Operator must provide information regarding goals and results for two years following the benefit date or until the goals are met, whichever is later. The City shall provide the Project Operator with the necessary reporting forms.