The E Sample Clauses

The E. I. Rebate shall, as in the past, accrue to the credit of the Board and shall be used to offset the cost of providing the benefits described in Article 19.
The E. B.A. agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Local Union and the "Council" against any liability incurred under Article 4.04 above.
The E. I. Rebate shall be retained by the Employer and shall be used to cover the cost of the Employer in administration of the Group Insurance Scheme.
The E. S.D. will also provide retirees a list of types of tasks or projects available for retirees. Retirees will only be asked to substitute the day of the assignment within the county they reside or have previously worked. Prearranged assignments can be in adjacent county on mutual agreement. Travel time to adjacent counties is counted toward their available time. Projects and any time worked accumulates toward the time retirees under the age of sixty (60) are to be available in future months (e.g., if a retiree works nine (9) days on a project then the retiree will have fulfilled the retiree’s availability obligation for three (3) months). Requirements completed will be paid in equal monthly payments (stipend). If a retiree is hired to work more than the thirty-six (36) days the retiree will become an employee.
The E. S.S. further recognizes the right and duty of the Board to discipline, demote, suspend and discharge employees provided that a claim by an employee that they have been disciplined, demoted, suspended or discharged without just cause may be the subject of a grievance and dealt with as provided in L11.
The E. S.S. may use the inter-office (courier) mail service, telephone, fax machine and e-mail for the purpose of communicating with its members.
The E. S.S. recognizes that the Board has the right, duty and responsibility to provide and manage educational programs in its schools and operations in the jurisdiction of the Greater Essex County District School Board. The
The E. S.A will be deemed to have been amended to provide notice to the affected employee as follows:
The E. A. Bargaining Unit will be consulted when the Board initiates any system review/study which may affect their membership.
The E. A.P. program does not supplant or alter the normal discipline and grievance procedure. An employee subjected to disciplinary charges which include substance abuse on the job will be given access to the drug or alcohol screening results, the ability to have privately tested the blood or urine sample at an independent laboratory, and the opportunity to rebut the allegation of substance abuse. Any disciplinary order issued to an employee which includes allegations of substance abuse on the job shall list the basis upon which it was determined that there was reasonable cause to believe that the employee was using drugs or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work.