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Action to collect. If the mortgage goes into default, we can take legal action to collect what is owed. If we get a judgment against you, we can have other assets of yours used to pay what is owed.
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Action to collect. If the contract goes into default, we can take legal action to collect what is owed. If we get a judgment against you, we can have other assets of yours used to pay what is owed. Powers (outside Québec). This section 13.4 applies where the property isn't in Québec. If the contract goes into default, we have the following powers:

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  • GRANTOR'S RIGHT TO POSSESSION AND TO COLLECT ACCOUNTS Until default and except as otherwise provided below with respect to accounts, Grantor may have possession of the tangible personal property and beneficial use of all the Collateral and may use it in any lawful manner not inconsistent with this Agreement or the Related Documents, provided that Grantor's right to possession and beneficial use shall not apply to any Collateral where possession of the Collateral by Lender is required by law to perfect Lender's security interest in such Collateral. Until otherwise notified by Lender, Grantor may collect any of the Collateral consisting of accounts. At any time and even though no Event of Default exists, Lender may exercise its rights to collect the accounts and to notify account debtors to make payments directly to Lender for application to the Indebtedness. If Lender at any time has possession of any Collateral, whether before or after an Event of Default, Lender shall be deemed to have exercised reasonable care in the custody and preservation of the Collateral if Lender takes such action for that purpose as Grantor shall request or as Lender, in Lender's sole discretion, shall deem appropriate under the circumstances, but failure to honor any request by Grantor shall not of itself be deemed to be a failure to exercise reasonable care. Lender shall not be required to take any steps necessary to preserve any rights in the Collateral against prior parties, nor to protect, preserve or maintain any security interest given to secure the Indebtedness.

  • Obligation to Cooperate The Parties shall mutually cooperate with each other in order to achieve the objectives of this Agreement.

  • Presentment of Claims and Collection of Proceeds The Master Servicer shall (to the extent provided in the applicable Servicing Agreement) cause the related Servicer to, prepare and present on behalf of the Trustee and the Certificateholders all claims under the Insurance Policies and take such actions (including the negotiation, settlement, compromise or enforcement of the insured's claim) as shall be necessary to realize recovery under such policies. Any proceeds disbursed to the Master Servicer (or disbursed to a Servicer and remitted to the Master Servicer) in respect of such policies, bonds or contracts shall be promptly deposited in the Master Servicer Collection Account upon receipt, except that any amounts realized that are to be applied to the repair or restoration of the related Mortgaged Property as a condition precedent to the presentation of claims on the related Mortgage Loan to the insurer under any applicable Insurance Policy need not be so deposited (or remitted).

  • Invoicing for Charges Against the Judicial Council’s Master Account A. The Contractor shall establish a Master Account for the Judicial Council’s charges provided for under the exhibits of this Agreement.

  • Restoration of Rights on Abandonment of Proceedings In case the Trustee shall have proceeded to enforce any right under this Indenture and such proceedings shall have been discontinued or abandoned for any reason, or shall have been determined adversely to the Trustee, then and in every such case the Issuer and the Trustee shall be restored respectively to their former positions and rights hereunder, and all rights, remedies and powers of the Issuer, the Trustee and the Securityholders shall continue as though no such proceedings had been taken.

  • Obligation to Indemnify Subject to the provisions of this Section IV.G, Company will indemnify and hold Investor, its Affiliates, managers and advisors, and each of their officers, directors, shareholders, partners, employees, representatives, agents and attorneys, and any person who controls Investor within the meaning of Section 15 of the Act or Section 20 of the Exchange Act (collectively, “Investor Parties” and each a “Investor Party”), harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, obligations, claims, contingencies, damages, reasonable costs and expenses, including all judgments, amounts paid in settlements, court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of investigation (collectively, “Losses”) that any Investor Party may suffer or incur as a result of or relating to (a) any breach of any of the representations, warranties, covenants or agreements made by Company in this Agreement or in the other Transaction Documents, (b) any untrue statement or alleged untrue statement of a material fact contained in the Registration Statement, Prospectus, Prospectus Supplement, or any information incorporated by reference therein, or arising out of or based upon any omission or alleged omission to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading, or (c) any action by a creditor or stockholder of Company who is not an Affiliate of an Investor Party, challenging the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Documents; provided, however, that Company will not be obligated to indemnify any Investor Party for any Losses finally adjudicated to be caused solely by (i) a false statement of material fact contained within written information provided by such Investor Party expressly for the purpose of including it in the applicable Registration Statement, Prospectus, Prospectus Supplement, or (ii) such Investor Party’s unexcused material breach of an express provision of this Agreement or another Transaction Document.

  • Notification to Unsuccessful Job Applicants The parties agree that any unsuccessful candidate for an ONA job posting will be notified, in writing, within one (1) week of the decision being made and prior to the posting of the name of the successful candidate. The parties further agree that the above notification will be copied to the ONA Bargaining Unit President.

  • Notification to Holders Upon termination of the Master Servicer or appointment of a successor to the Master Servicer, in each case as provided herein, the Trustee shall promptly mail notice thereof by first class mail to the Securities Administrator and the Certificateholders at their respective addresses appearing on the Certificate Register. The Trustee shall also, within 45 days after the occurrence of any Event of Default known to the Trustee, give written notice thereof to the Securities Administrator and the Certificateholders, unless such Event of Default shall have been cured or waived prior to the issuance of such notice and within such 45-day period.

  • Direction to Escrow Agent The Issuer and the Securityholders direct the Escrow Agent to hold the escrow securities in escrow until they are released from escrow under this Agreement.

  • Notification to the Union Where the Employer is aware that certain issues have occurred, the Employer will notify the JHSC and union in writing of all incidents related to violence within 4 days. For critical injuries the employer will notify the JHSC and the union immediately and in writing within 48 hours. Such notices will contain all of the information as prescribed in section 5 of the health care regulation.

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