Pursuant to Section 4 Sample Clauses

Pursuant to Section 4. 01, any amounts collected by a Servicer or the Master Servicer under any insurance policies (other than amounts to be applied to the restoration or repair of the property subject to the related Mortgage or released to the Mortgagor in accordance with the related Servicing Agreement) shall be deposited into the Distribution Account, subject to withdrawal pursuant to Section 4.03. Any cost incurred by the Master Servicer or the related Servicer in maintaining any such insurance (if the Mortgagor defaults in its obligation to do so) shall be added to the amount owing under the Mortgage Loan where the terms of the Mortgage Loan so permit; provided, however, that the addition of any such cost shall not be taken into account for purposes of calculating the distributions to be made to Certificateholders and shall be recoverable by the Master Servicer or such Servicer pursuant to Sections 4.01 and 4.03.
Pursuant to Section 4. 02(a) of the Partnership Agreement, effective as of August 5, 2005, the issuance date of the Series A Preferred Partnership Units by the General Partner, the Partnership hereby issues 2,400,000 Series A Preferred Partnership Units to the General Partner. The Series A Preferred Partnership Units have been created and are being issued in conjunction with the General Partner’s issuance of the Series A Preferred Shares, and as such, the Series A Preferred Partnership Units are intended to have designations, preferences and other rights, all such that the economic interests are substantially identical to the designations, preferences and other rights of the Series A Preferred Shares, and the terms of this Third Amendment, including without limitation the attached Annex A, shall be interpreted in a fashion consistent with this intent. In return for the issuance to the General Partner of the Series A Preferred Partnership Units, the General Partner has contributed to the Partnership the funds raised through its issuance of the Series A Preferred Partnership Units (the General Partner’s capital contribution shall be deemed to equal the amount of the gross proceeds of that share issuance (i.e., the net proceeds actually contributed, plus any underwriter’s discount or other expenses incurred, with any such discount or expense deemed to have been incurred by the General Partner on behalf of the Partnership)).
Pursuant to Section 4. 1, the Indenture Trustee shall establish and maintain an Expense Reserve Account, which shall be an Eligible Account, for the benefit of the Indenture Trustee and the MSR Valuation Agent. If any such account loses its status as an Eligible Account, the funds in such account shall be moved to an account that qualifies as an Eligible Account within thirty (30) days. On or prior to the Closing Date, the Issuer shall cause an amount equal to the related Expense Reserve Required Amount to be deposited into the Expense Reserve Account. Thereafter, on each Payment Date and Interim Payment Date, the Indenture Trustee shall withdraw Available Funds from the Note Payment Account and deposit them into the Expense Reserve Account pursuant to, and to the extent required by Section 4.5(a).
Pursuant to Section 4. 1(a) of the Titling Company Agreement, you are directed to designate a Specified Interest of the Company, to be known as the “[ ] Specified Interest” and to issue a Series of Certificates, to be known as the “[ ] Certificates,” substantially in the form of Exhibit A, representing the entire member interest in the Specified Assets allocated from time to time to such Specified Interest and listed in the Schedule of [ ] Assets.
Pursuant to Section 4. 1.22 of the Common Agreement, attached hereto are true and complete copies of the Borrower’s organizational documents (as amended to date), good standing certificates and incumbency certificates;
Pursuant to Section 4. 1(a), the Borrower shall execute and deliver the Initial Note on the Effective Date. Following any assignment or transfer of the Loans pursuant to Section 8.6, the Borrower agrees that, upon the request of the Lender, the Borrower shall promptly execute and deliver to the Lender Notes reflecting the Loans assigned or transferred and the Loans retained by the Lender, if any.
Pursuant to Section 4. 11.10.2 the Contractor shall submit Prior Authorization and Pre-Certification Reports that summarize all requests in the preceding month for Prior Authorization and Pre-Certification. The Report shall include, at a minimum, the following information:
Pursuant to Section 4. 1.4.1 the Contractor shall submit a Member Information Report. The report shall include information on the Members that change addresses or move outside the Service Region. The Contractor shall also report any information that may affect the Member’s eligibility for GHF including, but not limited to, changes in income or employment, family size, or incarceration. The minimum data elements that will be required for this report are described in Attachment L.