PROTECT Sample Clauses

PROTECT. At the request of an Employee (or if the Employee elects, through the Employee’s representative), the Employer will arrange as soon as possible for an authorised representative of Protect to attend the workplace where the Employer’s Employees are engaged for the purposes of explaining to Employees the benefits available to them under the Protect Severance Fund arrangements and to answer any questions that Employees may have about the Protect Severance Fund arrangements.
PROTECT. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE basic workers’ rights, strengthen cooperation on labour matters and build on their respective international commitments on labour matters; PROMOTE sustainable development; ENCOURAGE enterprises operating within their territory or subject to their jurisdiction to respect internationally recognized corporate social responsibility standards and principles and pursue best practices; PROMOTE broad-based economic development in order to reduce poverty; PRESERVE their flexibility to safeguard the public welfare; and AFFIRMING their rights and obligations under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and other intellectual property agreements to which both Parties are party; AFFIRMING the right to fully avail themselves of the flexibilities established in the TRIPS Agreement, including those related to the protection of public health and in particular the promotion of access to medicines for all, and taking note of the WTO General Council Decision on the implementation of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health adopted 30 August 2003 and the Protocol amending the TRIPS Agreement of 6 December 2005; RECOGNIZING the differences in the level of development and the size of the Parties’ economies and the importance of creating opportunities for economic development; RECOGNIZING that the promotion and the protection of investments of investors of one Party in the territory of the other Party will be conducive to the stimulation of mutually beneficial business activity; RECOGNIZING that states must maintain the ability to preserve, develop and implement their cultural policies for the purpose of strengthening cultural diversity, given the essential role that cultural goods and services play in the identity and diversity of societies and the lives of individuals; and AFFIRMING their commitment to respect the values and principles of democracy and to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; HAVE AGREED as follows: CHAPTER ONE INITIAL PROVISIONS AND GENERAL DEFINITIONS Section A – General Definitions
PROTECT. Addressee Only’ must be entered in the subject field of the email in front of the email title in all instances. Post Hard copy Data may be transmitted by post, courier or messenger. If Data must be put on CD/DVD it should be encrypted (see details of encryption above). If the data recipient is unable to collect the CD/DVD by hand, encrypted CD/DVD’s may be transmitted by post (Recorded Delivery or better), courier or messenger. If encryption is not possible the CD/DVD will be password protected using at least 13 character alpha-numeric passwords. If the data recipient is unable to collect the CD/DVD by hand it will be dispatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery service with tracking of transit or by courier. In all cases when sending Data by post, a single sealed cover addressed to an individual by name or appointment will be used. The cover must not attract attention. Therefore, it must not be marked with any protective marking and only the descriptorsPersonal’ or ‘Addressee Only’ may be used. In all cases Data will be sent only to a named individual, agreed in advance, and must be accessed only by Permitted Persons. Data Storage: Hard copies of Data must be stored in a secure building and/or in a locked cabinet, and destroyed in accordance with the below. When held on ICT systems on secure premises, password policies must be in place that ensure only those listed can access data. Networks must be Best Commercial. Best Commercial is defined as ‘Software from a trusted supplier' – e.g. the product has a CESG Claims Tested Xxxx. CESG is the Information Assurance (IA) arm of GCHQ. Full back-up policies must be in place for servers. All access to standalone machines must be protected by username/password. All data users must avoid transferring Data onto removable media (including laptop hard-drives, removable discs, CD’s, USB memory Sticks, PDA’s and media card formats), except when this is essential and only as agreed in writing with the Data Manager setting out the controls to be put in place. If taken outside the organisation’s secure premises, laptop hard drives, CD/DVD, USB devices or any other removable media must be fully encrypted.
PROTECT. YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION  Do not provide your account number, your personal identification number ("PIN") or any other account information to anyone you do not know or to anyone over the telephone, email or the Internet, unless you are positive you know the person and you want the person to be able to conduct transactions on your account.  Review your bank statements upon receipt. If you do not receive a bank statement when you should, contact us at once. If there is anything in your statement that does not look right, contact us at once.  If you order checks and do not receive them promptly, contact us at once.  Store your check stock, check images and statements securely and notify us at once if a check or statement is missing.  Carefully shred or otherwise destroy cancelled checks, check images, bank statements, deposit slips and receipts, including ATM receipts, before discarding them.  Notify us if your identification is missing, lost or stolen.  Be disciplined in the management of your financial accounts. Check them often even if you have not initiated transactions and report suspicious activity to the bank right away.
PROTECT. 2 Trial. In addition, where CCX282 meets the primary endpoint for the PROTECT-1 Induction Phase as set forth in the protocol therefor and no serious adverse events have been reported sufficient to terminate the continued Development of CCX282 and CCX282 meets the tolerability criteria set forth in the protocol for the PROTECT-1 Trial (referred to herein as “Successful CD Induction Results”), [***], and ChemoCentryx, shall have the right, but not the obligation, to commence the PROTECT-2 Trial as established by the JPS in accordance with Sections 2.3.6 and 2.3.8(b) and in accordance with the CCX282 Development Plan; provided however that in the event GSK exercises its Product Option with respect to CCX282 following completion of the PROTECT-1 Trial in accordance with Article 4, at such point GSK shall assume all responsibility for, and ongoing costs associated with the PROTECT-2 Trial and shall reimburse ChemoCentryx its internal and out-of-pocket costs incurred to date with respect to the PROTECT-2 Trial up to the time of such assumption of such trial by GSK.