Economic development definition

Economic development means all powers expressly granted and reasonably inferred pursuant to SDCL § 9-54.
Economic development means to promote the creation or retention of public or
Economic development means to promote the creation or retention of public or private jobs within the state through:

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  • Contact NYS Department of Economic Development for a current list of jurisdictions subject to this provision.

  • In the event that the inclusion of property as Economic Development Property or any other issue is unclear under this Fee Agreement, the County hereby expresses its intention that the interpretation of this Fee Agreement shall be in a manner that provides for the broadest inclusion of property under the terms of this Fee Agreement and the maximum incentive permissible under the FILOT Act, to the extent not inconsistent with any of the explicit terms hereof.

  • Economic Development Property is disposed of only when it is scrapped or sold or removed from the Project.

  • Subject, always, to the other terms and provisions of this Fee Agreement, the Company and any Sponsor Affiliates shall be entitled to remove and dispose of components of the Project from the Project in its sole discretion with the result that said components shall no longer be considered a part of the Project and, to the extent such constitute Economic Development Property, shall no longer be subject to the terms of this Fee Agreement.

  • OGS issued a solicitation referenced as Solicitation #22898, for Light Duty Vehicles (Statewide), which was advertised in the September 25, 2014 edition of the New York State Contract Reporter as required by the New York State Economic Development Law.

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Economic development means participation in or support of an organized program or entity which for the purpose of its mission, engages in activities designed to encourage employment opportunities development/commercial and manufacturing business/industry to locate and/or expand in Brazoria County, thus expanding and diversifying the tax base as well as increasing the economic strength and stability of Brazoria County.
Economic development means those activities designed to improve the quality of life for all Floridians by building an economy characterized by higher personal income, better employment opportunities, and improved business access to domestic and international markets.
Economic development means development that is designed to promote job growth or retention, expand the property tax base or improve the overall economic vitality of a municipal- ity, as defined in s. 30.01 (4), or region.
Economic development means development that:
Economic development means private investment involving the creation of new jobs and income or the retention of existing jobs and income that would otherwise be lost. For the purposes of this program, economic development shall be viewed from a statewide perspective rather than a local or substate, regional perspective and shall result in a net gain to the state.
Economic development means the development of specific categories of people, enterprises and communities and/or economic sectors, as provided for in this Schedule 2 (Economic Development Obligations) and described in the Economic Development Elements;
Economic development means community action that directly leads to creation of more jobs or higher-paying jobs than were available before the action.