Desirable Sample Clauses

Desirable. For each intellectual property right that is [*], either Party may propose that the Steering Committee consider (i) whether the Parties should seek a license thereunder to allow either or both Parties to practice such right in connection with the development, manufacture, use sale, offer for sale or import of Licensed Products, (ii) how to allocate the costs of obtaining and maintaining such license between the Parties (taking into account the Parties' relative interests therein inside and outside of the Gilead Territory) and (iii) how the Parties should proceed to seek such license. If the Steering Committee is unable to reach consensus with respect to the seeking of such license, either Party shall be free to itself seek a license under such right at its sole cost and expense, with no obligation to make such license or right available to the other Party.
Desirable. Experience of working with students or young people.  Experience of helping others.  Leadership skills.  An ability to speak a second language. Ending the Agreement: This agreement is binding in honour only and is not intended to be a legally binding contract of employment. It may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. A review will be carried out at the end of each term and should the University decide not to continue with this volunteering arrangement, or if you decide you no longer wish to continue volunteering, you shall be liable to pay rent at the full standard rate in accordance with your accommodation contract. You may also be asked to move to a different room so that your replacement can occupy the designated SRA’s room. If you are asked to relocate you will be placed in comparable alternative accommodation. If that accommodation is normally charged at a higher rent, you will only be liable for the rent you would have had to pay if you had not moved. If the new accommodation is normally charged at a lower rent, you will only be liable for the lower rent.
Desirable. 1. Certificate in Psychiatry of Old Age from the Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age, RANZCP.
Desirable a. Must have a Man Over Board (MOB) button (physical input). b. Must have a possibility for showing symbols in a "paper chart like" way.
Desirable. The offered system:
Desirable a. Must include/or have the possibility to upgrade with a separate visual display. b. Must include a conning display.
Desirable. Any combination of education and experience which would likely provide the necessary knowledge and abilities is acceptable. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:  Eight (8) or more years of broad and extensive experience in a management or administrative position responsible for the formulation and implementation of programs, budgets and administrative operations with at least six (6) years in a management or supervisory capacity.  Eight (8) or more years of progressively responsible technical, supervisory and administrative duties in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a modern urban water and/or wastewater system.  Eight (8) or more years of professional civil engineering experience in the planning, design, construction and inspection of water supply projects, including at least four (4) years in a supervisory or lead capacity.  Possession of a Certificate of Registration as a professional engineer in the State of California and a Masters Degree in Public Administration, Business, Civil Engineering or a related field.  Possession of State of California Water Distribution Operator Certificate Grade D3 or higher.
Desirable. Provision of long term parking for self-contained RVs. Both Aroundtu-it and Sid’s Campground can accommodate longer stays. Access to medical facilities or an appropriate emergency service. Northcliffe town site has a nursing post. Access to a pharmacy or a procedure to obtain pharmaceutical products. Not available. Visitor Information Centre (VIC) with appropriate parking facilities. The Northcliffe Visitor Centre exists and has adequate parking available. VIC to provide a town map showing essential facilities, such as short and long term parking areas, dump point and potable water. Could be provided in the format required if warranted. RV Friendly Town™ signs to be erected within the town precinct. Could be provided in the format required if warranted. Under the assessment of Northcliffe town site as an RV Friendly Town all “Essential” CMCA elements are met currently and all but one “Desirable” CMCA elements are met or could easily be achieved. On this basis Northcliffe town site could be declared an RV Friendly Town without the need for an Overnight Vehicle Stay facility as currently proposed.
Desirable. The Committee and the Association agree that the following are at the present time desirable class size limits: