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Paragraph 6. Any teacher who has a regular responsibility in his/her base contract in more than one building and who is thus required to use his/her own automobile in connection with his/her assignment shall be compensated at a rate established by the Board of Education after considering the rate set by the State of Kansas. Such compensation will be paid on a monthly basis. No mileage compensation will be payable except as permitted by Board of Education policy. Paragraph 7: Teachers may be required to collect and transmit money to be used for educational purposes and are expected to exercise reasonable care to assure that any money collected will not be lost. Effort will be made to keep money collection by teachers to a minimum.
Paragraph 6. The educator's file in the building principal's office and in the superintendent's office shall be open to the inspection of the educator during regular business hours or by appointment. Credentials and related papers from educator placement bureaus, which, by their own regulations, are labeled "confidential,” shall not be open to inspection by the educator. Paragraph 7: Except by order of a court of competent jurisdiction, evaluation reports and responses thereto shall be available only to the educator evaluated, the Board, the administrative staff making same, the State Board of Education, the Board and administrative staff of any school to which such employee applies for employment, and other persons specified by the employee in writing to the Board.
Paragraph 6. The administrative staff shall provide information and discuss the Staff Quality Improvement System at a building staff meeting early in each school year. Time will be provided for teachers to review their progress in the Staff Qual- ity Improvement System as part of the campus improvement plan. Paragraph 7: The Staff Quality Improvement System forms adopted by the Board shall be used and kept in the teacher’s file at the base site.

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  • Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Actcontained in Section II of this form HUD-5370-C, other thanthose in Paragraph 6, shall be subject to the following procedures.

  • Your Expression of Interest should be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of deadline for submission indicated in Paragraph 6 above.

  • During such review, the transmission system operator shall verify whether the deposit amount meets the requirements of Paragraph 6 of this Section 36.

  • Disputes arising out of the labor standards provisions contained in Section II of this form HUD-5370-C, other than those in Paragraph 6, shall be subject to the following procedures.

  • Please include proper documentation with your Claim Form as described in detail in Part II – General Instructions, Paragraph 6, above.

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Paragraph 6. Special Education teachers who have case manager responsibility for Individual Education Plans (IEP) and who have Special Education students as- signed to them in a classroom environment shall be provided one (1) professional day per school year to work on IEPs at their building. The professional day shall be scheduled by agreement between the building principal and teacher and may be taken in half-day increments.
Paragraph 6. General Provisions A teacher shall:
Paragraph 6. The “Nondisclosure Agreement” shall apply not for the entire time period following Employee’s Employment, but rather shall apply only during the Restricted Period, in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Wisconsin. Additionally, to the extent Paragraph 6.a applies in Wisconsin to Confidential Information that does not constitute a trade secret under applicable law, it shall apply only in geographic areas where the unauthorized disclosure or use of Confidential Information would be competitively damaging to the Company.
Paragraph 6. The following is hereby added after the third sentence of Paragraph 6: "Issuer or Agent will forward such notice either in a separate secure transmission for each CUSIP number or in a secure transmission for multiple CUSIP numbers (if applicable) which includes a manifest or list of each CUSIP submitted in that transmission."
Paragraph 6. As teachers are selected for layoff, their names shall be placed on a list in the order of their selection. A copy of the list shall be given to the UTW in a timely manner. If the UTW does not object in writing to the order of selec- tion within five (5) days of receipt of the list, the list shall be final. If the UTW objects in writing to the order of selection within five (5) days of receipt of the list, said objection shall be in the form of a grievance initially filed at Level Two of the Grievance Procedure and shall be processed accordingly.
Paragraph 6. Teachers returning to work at the expiration of a medical leave of absence must furnish the superintendent with a statement from a licensed physician that the teacher is physically and mentally able to resume the duties of the position for which he/she is returning. The Board may require an independent medical opinion, at the Board's expense, from another licensed physician.
Paragraph 6. SECURITY DEPOSIT: $ 22,242.00 to be increased to $44,291.00 effective January 1, 1998. PARAGRAPH (7): BASE TAX YEAR: Initial Premises: 1997 Additional Premises: 1998 BASE EXPENSE YEAR: Initial Premises: 1997 Additional Premises: 1998 PARAGRAPH (7B): TENANT'S PERCENTAGE SHARE: 13.31%, (Initial Premises) 25.62% (Additional Premises) based on 52,764 square feet of total rentable area of project. EXHIBITS EXHIBIT A and A-1: SITE PLANS EXHIBIT A-2: FIRST RIGHT SPACE EXHIBIT B: WORK LETTER AGREEMENT EXHIBIT C: COMMENCEMENT DATE EXHIBIT D: RULES AND REGULATIONS OFFICE BUILDING LEASE ---------------------