Shiftwork Sample Clauses

Shiftwork. 38.1 Shift Penalties (Excluding Home Care Classifications)
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Shiftwork. 38.1 Shift Penalties (Aged Care and Nursing Classifications only)
Shiftwork. 44.1 Employees who perform shift work will be entitled to payment of the shift allowances applying to their classification under the following provisions of this clause.
Shiftwork. (A) Where the Employee would have received shift loadings had the Employee not been on leave during the relevant period and such loadings would have entitled the Employee to a greater amount than a loading of 17.5% of the payment under clause 23.1(c), then the shift loadings must be added to the payment under clause 23.1(c)(i) instead of the 17.5% loading.
Shiftwork. 33.1. Shift penalties (excluding home care) Employees working afternoon or night shift shall be paid the following percentages in addition to their ordinary rate, for such shift. Provided that employees who work less than 38 hours per week will only be entitled to the additional rates where their shifts commence prior to 6.00am or finish subsequent to 6.00pm.
Shiftwork. 29.1 Ordinary hours for shiftwork The ordinary hours for shiftwork will:
Shiftwork. (a) Where an employee is required by the employer to work shiftwork the following penalty rates will apply:
Shiftwork. Whenever the Company determines that shift work is required, the Company shall consult meaningfully with SPEA regarding all matters related to the implementation of said shift. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, said consultation shall include the number of employees involved, the expected duration, the hours of work per shift, the days of work, the days of rest and the need for fixed and/or rotating shifts. The provisions of Article 19.03 (Shiftwork) apply where the shift schedule is greater than seven (7) calendar days. Upon completion of the consultation process, which will involve SPEA and potentially affected employees, the Company shall implement shift work, subject to the following:
Shiftwork. 28.1 In this clause Shiftwork means work comprising recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in rotation.