Data Storage definition

Data Storage means any storage of data in electronic format;
Data Storage means the sum total of all disk space required to process and store all of Customer’s data (whether input raw data or data processed from the Cloud Services) across all file folders, modules and environments.

Examples of Data Storage in a sentence

  • Data Storage and Security Protections: Any Protected Data that Vendor receives will be stored on systems maintained by Vendor, or by a subcontractor under the direct control of Vendor, in a secure data center facility located within the United States.

  • The goal of the core system specifications is to ensure system compatibility from low to high end systems where applicable. Data Storage Componentsa.

  • In the event you regularly and/or meaningfully exceed the Defined Users or Data Storage Capacity, we reserve the right to charge you additional fees commensurate with the overage(s).

  • This includes Functional Requirements for automated / autonomous vehicles, New assessment / Test methods, Cyber security and (Over-the-Air) Software updates and Data Storage System for Automated Driving vehicles (DSSAD).

  • The SaaS Fees are based on the number of Defined Users and amount of Data Storage Capacity.

More Definitions of Data Storage

Data Storage means disk space allocated for the storage of documents, images, scheduled reports and other files (including Client Data). Data Storage does not include application data stored in the SQL server database, or data such as claim files submitted to a clearinghouse, or remittance files received from a clearinghouse.
Data Storage refers to the state data is in when not in use. Data can be stored on off-line devices such as CD’s or on-line on Contractor servers or Contractor employee workstations.
Data Storage means the amount of data storage space (including the backup and off-site storage), if any, to be allocated for Subscriber Data within the Bentley environment.
Data Storage means electronic media with information recorded on it, such as CDs/DVDs, computers and similar devices.
Data Storage means the storage of Data on disk to enable a service to run or to store user related Data;
Data Storage means the storage of the results derived from InsitePro in any persistant storage device owned or controlled by the Customer.