Price List Sample Clauses

Price List. SAP reserves the right to change the Price List without prior written notice. Any change to the Price List will become effective on the date indicated in the Price List or if no such date is indicated, upon the earliest of (i) it being published on SAP’s partner-dedicated website or (ii) it otherwise being provided by SAP or its Affiliates to the Partner. The Price List that was effective when Partner places a correctly filled-out order for the relevant SAP Product with SAP will apply. Existing quotes provided by SAP to Partner will be honored for the time that the quote is valid or in case the quote does not contain a validity date for the time during which the quote can reasonably be expected to be accepted.
Price List. A price list of routine services that are normal and customary must be attached to this agreement (i.e., pressure check, safety/leak seek test, regulator replacement, after hours/same day/non-routine delivery, and other).
Price List. Part 1 The rates and Prices entered for each item includes for all work and other things necessary to complete the item.
Price List. Upon execution of this Agreement, Client shall deliver to Cardinal Health a customer list, which sets forth the Product prices (the “Customer Price List”). Client shall notify Cardinal Health of any change in the Customer Price List not less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the effective date of any such change. Cardinal Health shall use commercially reasonable efforts to implement such price change in accordance with Client’s instruction.
Price List fees for the Vehicle lease and Services, as well as other fees, all of which are provided in the Website and the Mobile Application.
Price List. FASL shall provide AMD with an updated price list which, among other things, shall both set forth FASL’s recommended sales price (“RSP”) for each Product, **** to which such price list relates, and designate each Product as either a Standard Product or a Custom Product. FASL shall have the right to increase or reduce the RSP for any Product at any time in its sole discretion, upon prior written notice to AMD, the amount of such notice to take into account the time period necessary to communicate price changes to sales people, such written notice describing the Product subject to such price change, the new RSP for such Product and the effective date of such price change. The Parties will use Best Efforts to establish a real-time price change notification procedure, but acknowledge that on the Effective Date means to establish such a procedure have not been implemented. Price changes shall apply to all Purchase Orders received by FASL after the effective date of the change and FASL may in its discretion **** received prior to the effective date of the change. FASL will establish policies and procedures whereby FASL will honor long-term pricing commitments to AMD as agreed to by FASL.
Price List. The following Activity Schedule is provided “as-is” for the benefit of the Tenderer. ACSA cannot guarantee that it is complete in all respects. The Tenderer is responsible for providing an Activity Schedule which is accurate, complete and in accordance with their proposal. Also, refer to C3 (Service information) for activities that need to be priced. Only items listed in this Activity Schedule may be billed to the Employer. Part 1 - Activity Schedule Item no. Activity Description Frequency Quantity (per year) Amount (per single item) Total (per year) 1 Contract Management and administration (including required reporting such as monthly reports, spares inventory management reports, office overheads, parking, etc.). Monthly 12 R R 2 Insurance (All ACSA required insurance) Annually 1 R R 3 Permits, Induction, Medicals Once-off 6 R10, 000 R10, 000 4 5 Earth leakage testing (all LV DB’s) Semi Annual 2 R R 6 Lux Readings (Terminal Building & Offices) Yearly 1 R R 7 Thermal verification and reporting Yearly 1 R R Preventative Maintenance Sub-Total A (per year) R • By Tools, equipment and consumables is also meant cleaning materials, fasteners, lubricants, chemicals, electronic devices, etc. that are required to do any corrective or preventive maintenance, and measurements (multi -meters, etc.). • Travelling time charges or allowances will not be paid separately and where applicable must be included in the rates above. • A Parking access card will be applied for and issued in order to facilitate access through the entrance and exit booms. This card is payable in cash at the start of each calendar month – at the Parking Office. This card shall only be utilized for the purpose of performing duties under this SLA. Any abuse of the use of this card for personal use shall be penalized at R500.00 per occurrence. • It is important to note that not all amounts above are payable in any one month. Since this is an activity schedule only the activities performed and completed shall be claimed for at invoice date and paid for accordingly. Labour rates and Xxxx-up Any work not included under part 1 shall be deemed additional work or non-scheduled items and will be charged at the following rates: Labour (day) Item Description Weekdays (R/hour) Saturdays (R/hour) Sundays (R/hour) 1 Site Supervisor/Manager R R R 2 Electrician R R R 3 Assistant / Labourer R R R Labour (Night Rate) Item Description Weekdays (R/hour) Saturdays (R/hour) Sundays (R/hour) 1 Site Supervisor/Manager R R ...
Price List fees for the Vehicle lease and Services, as well as other fees, all of which are provided in the Website and the Mobile Application and may be modified by the Lessor in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Lessor has the right to unilaterally amend the Price List during the duration of this Agreement, and the change will be reflected in the mobile application "SPARK" and on the website xxxxx://xxxxx.xx/. In this way, each Lessee will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the current Price List before starting a rental period with the respective vehicle.
Price List fees for the Vehicle lease and Services, as well as other fees, all of which are provided in the Website and the Mobile Application, which may be changed unilaterally by the Lessor.
Price List. The Price List is as follows