REQUIRED REPORTING. Pursuant to RCW 67.28.1816(2)(c)(i): All recipients must submit a report to the COUNTY by December 15, 2020 describing the actual number of people traveling for business or pleasure on a trip during 2020:
REQUIRED REPORTING. Pursuant to RCW 67.28.1816(2)(c)(i): All recipients must submit a report to the COUNTY describing the actual number of people traveling for business or pleasure on a trip:
REQUIRED REPORTING. Member Program agrees that it shall adopt, maintain and enforce policies that require its adult members report (i) actual or perceived violations of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook, (ii) any violations of the Sexual Misconduct, Physical Misconduct, Emotional Misconduct, Bullying, Threats or Harassment, or Hazing Policies, and (iii) suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse as required by the USA Hockey SafeSport Program. Member Program agrees that, should it become aware of any such violation(s), it will report as required by the USA Hockey SafeSport Program. The USA Hockey reporting policy specifically provides that, pursuant to federal law, any adult authorized by a Member Program to interact with a minor or amateur athlete at an event sanctioned USA Hockey or a Member Program is considered a mandatory reporter, and if any such person learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of Child Abuse, including sexual abuse, he/she shall as soon as possible make a report of the suspected abuse to the U.S. Center for SafeSport and to applicable law enforcement authorities. Member Program and its adult members/representatives shall not attempt to evaluate the credibility or validity of child physical or sexual abuse allegations as a condition for or prior to reporting their concerns
REQUIRED REPORTING. (05/19) If any person or class of persons files a complaint with Contractor alleging discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race, color, or national origin, including limited English proficiency), Contractor will notify the City of Portland of the complaint and cooperate with any investigation related to the complaint. Notifications shall be sent to Title VI Program Manager, 421 SW 6th Ave, Suite 500, Portland, Oregon 97204, or
REQUIRED REPORTING. In addition to any and all reports required to be delivered to the Foundation under the Investment Documents, the Company shall furnish, or cause to be furnished, to the Foundation the following reports and certifications.
REQUIRED REPORTING. Concurrently with each delivery by Borrower of a Compliance Certificate as and when required by Section 9.3, Borrower shall include therewith a complete listing of all Subsidiaries which are Non-Guarantor Entities by operation of the proviso in Section 8.14(a), along with a notation for each such Subsidiary as to the applicable exception (set forth in the final paragraph of subsection (a) above) which permits such Subsidiary to remain a Non-Guarantor Entity. For the avoidance of doubt, no Property owned by a Person obligated to become a New Guarantor shall be deemed an Eligible Pool Asset nor included among the Pool Assets unless and until such Person shall have executed and delivered to the Administrative Agent an Accession Agreement in accordance with the terms of the Credit Agreement.
REQUIRED REPORTING. BRCC will submit any required reports to the Board of Regents and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on the ECA.
REQUIRED REPORTING. COUNTY agrees to maintain statistical information at all times during the term of this Agreement and provide CITY, upon request, with data regarding response times, number of calls, fire property dollar loss, sprinkler system activations, ISO rating information, and false alarm response information related to services provided under this Agreement. COUNTY shall track and be capable of producing statistical data reports consisting of incidents that occurred only within CITY.
REQUIRED REPORTING. Daily: Borrowing Base Certificate with summary backup information Weekly: Sales Audit Report Sales By Day Flash Collateral Activity Report Current Inventory v. Planned EOM Inventory Monthly: On the 15th Day following month-end Stock Ledger by Department from the RSL Summary Open-to-Buy On-Order Report - "Order Analysis by PO - Report POM251" Merchandise By Season A/P Open Invoices by Vendor Purchases and A/P Aging Analysis Form with A/P Aging (Lender format) Rent, Tax and Insurance Compliance Certificate (Lender format) On the 30th Day following month-end Financial Statements (inclusive of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) Reconciliation of the Stock Ledger Inventory Report to Availability and to the G/L (Lender format) Credit Cart A/R Aging Charge Back System Report Sales vs Plan Report (UN03) Summary Chain Plan Report - MTD Statement of Store Activity (Lender format) Inventory Certificate (Lender format) Officer's Compliance Certificate (Lender format) Annually: Audited Final year-end financial statements within 90 days after fiscal year-end Interim "draft" financial statements within 60 days after year-end (inclusive of subsequent periods until the year-end statements are finalized). Accountant's Certificate. ANNEX G (Section 6.10) to CREDIT AGREEMENT FINANCIAL COVENANTS Borrower shall not breach or fail to comply with any of the following financial covenants, each of which shall be calculated in accordance with GAAP consistently applied: (a) Maximum Capital Expenditures. Borrower and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis shall not make Capital Expenditures that exceed as of each Fiscal Month the amounts set forth below for the immediately preceding four (4) Fiscal Months, including the Fiscal Month then ended (or with respect to the Fiscal Months ending on or before August 31, 2000, the period commencing on August 1, 1999 and ending on the last of such Fiscal Month): Maximum Aisle 3 New Maximum Other Month Store Capital Capital Expenditures Expenditures August 31, 1999 557,000 807,000 September 30, 1999 2,229,000 2,056,000 October 31, 1999 4,237,000 3,052,000 November 30, 1999 5,073,000 4,085,000 December 31, 1999 4,516,000 4,168,000 January 31, 2000 2,844,000 4,060,000 February 29, 2000 1,728,000 4,566,000 March 31, 2000 3,568,000 5,048,000 April 30, 2000 6,761,000 5,359,000 May 31, 2000 8,119,000 5,419,000 June 30, 2000 7,227,000 5,118,000 July 31, 2000 5,443,000 4,804,000 August 31, 2000 4,906,000 4,804,000 September 30, 2000 6,781,000 ...