Required Insurance definition

Required Insurance shall have the meaning provided in Section 9.03.
Required Insurance has the meaning set forth in Section 6.5(a).
Required Insurance means the insurance required of the Trade Contractor pursuant to the Trade Contract Agreement andAppendix B.

Examples of Required Insurance in a sentence

  • The full policy limits and scope of protection also must apply to the County and its Agents as an additional insured, even if they exceed the County’s minimum Required Insurance specifications herein.

  • Use of an automatic additional insured endorsement form is acceptable providing it satisfies the Required Insurance provisions herein.

  • Contractor must provide the County with, or Contractor’s insurance policies must contain a provision that the County will receive, written notice of cancellation or any change in Required Insurance, including insurer, limits of coverage, term of coverage or policy period.

  • Alternatively, the County may purchase the Required Insurance, and without further notice to Contractor, deduct the premium cost from sums due to Contractor or pursue Contractor reimbursement.

  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, Contractor hereby waives its rights and its insurer(s)’ rights of recovery against the County under all the Required Insurance for any loss arising from or relating to this Contract.

More Definitions of Required Insurance

Required Insurance means an Insurance Policy with respect to a Financed Vehicle (i) that has been issued to the Obligor by an insurance company acceptable to the Servicer, (ii) that provides comprehensive, collision, fire, theft and other physical damage coverage, (iii) that is in an amount not less than the market value of the applicable Financed Vehicle, and (iv) that has the Servicer noted as the loss payee thereon.
Required Insurance means insurance coverage for the Project satisfying the requirements set forth in Schedule 6.3(b) of the Common Agreement.
Required Insurance means insurance as set forth on Schedule IV-A hereto.
Required Insurance means, with respect to the Agency and the District, the insurance each Party is required to obtain and maintain during the term of this Agreement as set forth in Exhibit D.
Required Insurance means insurance of the type, deductibles and amounts as set forth on Schedule 3.20.
Required Insurance means any insurance product that a borrower is required to obtain as a condition of closing a loan.
Required Insurance under this Contract consists of all coverages described in, and required under this Section A (and under Section E of the applicable Work Order). The cost of all Required Insurance is included in the Total Fee and Work Order Price, and shall be borne by Design Professional at Design Professional’s sole expense.