The Partner Sample Clauses

The Partner. The Partner shall provide the Students with necessary information, material and guidance so that the Students are able to complete the Project in the agreed Schedule. The Partner shall provide feedback and participate in the assessment of the Project both during and at the end of the Project.
The Partner. The Partner shall provide the Students with necessary information, material and guidance so that the Students are able to complete the Project in the agreed Schedule. The information and material provided by the Partner is subject to the Partner’s standard internal procedures and legal obligations that include but are not limited to internal and other data permits. The Partner shall also provide feedback during the Project and participate in the final assessment.
The Partner. 5.2.1. Lead and organize event along with the ACM chapter.
The Partner. 8.1.1. acknowledges that CMI makes no warranty or representation regarding the eligibility of the Partner and/or each of the CMI Services for funding by the Education & Skills Funding Agency under the Funding Rules and that the Fees payable under the Contract are payable in any event; and
The Partner. The Partner will get a non-exclusive right to use all Results without any temporal limits. This right to use includes also the right to modify the Results.
The Partner. All IPRs to all Results, including also the right to transfer, license and to modify the Results, will be transferred to the Partner. The Students shall perform their duties under this agreement without any compensation from the Partner. Rights referred to in paragraph 6.2 will remain with Aalto.
The Partner a. The Partner shall identify, negotiate and contract mutually agreed upon artists/talent ” to participate in the ownership of an exclusive “Fan Pass Live Channeldedicated to all live stream events of various lengths, pop-up events, shout outs to fans, merchandise sales and content of various types, supporting the Fan Pass platform, mobile application and website to promote ahead of and following events delivered to fans through the subscription area of Fan Pass.

Related to The Partner

  • Limited Partner The name and address of the New Limited Partner of the Partnership is 0000 X. Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000. The names and addresses of any other Limited Partners shall be set forth on Exhibit B, as amended from time to time, attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. The Partnership Interest of a Limited Partner shall be referred to herein as a “Limited Partnership Interest.”

  • The Partnership (a) The Partnership is a limited partnership duly formed, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has all requisite powers necessary to carry on its business as now conducted, to own, lease and operate its properties.

  • General Partner The name and address of the general partner of the Partnership is Outback Steakhouse of Florida, Inc., 0000 X. Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000.

  • Managing Member Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, the Managing Member or any of its Affiliates who hold any Interests shall not be entitled to vote in its capacity as holder of such Interests on matters submitted to the Members for approval, and no such Interests shall be deemed Outstanding for purposes of any such vote.

  • Limited Partners The Limited Partners shall not participate in the general conduct or control of the Partnership’s affairs and shall have no right or authority to act for or to bind the Partnership. The Limited Partners shall not be required to assume, endorse or guarantee any liabilities of the Partnership.

  • Initial Member (a) The name, address and initial Membership Interest of the initial Member is as follows: Name Membership Interest BR Cxxxxxx DFW Portfolio JV, LLC 100% c/o Bluerock Real Estate, L.L.C. 700 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000

  • THE MEMBERS Members are the owners of the Company. Members are not entitled to compensation for services furnished to the Company in the Member’s capacity as a Member. The name and residential address of each Member is contained in Exhibit 2 attached to this Agreement. Each Member’s initial membership interest is the percentage set forth in Exhibit 2. An unauthorized transfer of a Member’s interest could create a substantial hardship for the Company. Consequently, the Members agree to the restrictions and procedures affecting the ownership and transfer of the Members’ interests as identified in Article VII. The Members acknowledge these restrictions are not intended to penalize, but rather are intended to protect and preserve the existing trust-based relationships, the Company’s capital, and the Company’s financial ability to continue its operations.

  • Term of the Partnership The Partnership shall continue in existence until December 31, 2054, unless sooner terminated pursuant to amendment or as hereinafter set forth in Article IX.

  • Initial Members The initial Members of the Company are the Persons executing this Agreement as of the date of this Agreement as Members, each of which is admitted to the Company as a Member effective contemporaneously with the execution by such Person of this Agreement.

  • General Partners Each Plains Entity or GP Entity that serves as a general partner of another Plains Entity or GP Entity has full corporate or limited liability company power and authority, as the case may be, to serve as general partner of such Plains Entity or GP Entity, in each case in all material respects, as disclosed in the Pricing Disclosure Package and the Prospectus.