Personal Use Sample Clauses

Personal Use. You may use the Account only for personal, family or household purposes. Federal or state consumer protection laws may not apply if you use the Account for other than personal, family or household purposes.
Personal Use. The given typeface may be downloaded and used free of charge for personal use, as long as the usage is not racist or illegal. Personal use refers to all usage that does not generate financial income in a business manner, for instance: – personal books for yourself – recreational websites and blogs for friends and family – prints such as flyers, posters, t-shirts for churches, charities, and non-profit organizations
Personal Use. I agree that the pupil will only use this device for educational purposes and not for personal use and will not loan the equipment to any other person.
Personal Use. Use by an author in the author’s classroom teaching (including distribution of copies, paper or electronic) or presentation by an author at a meeting or conference (including distribution of copies to the delegates attending such meeting), distribution of copies (including through e-mail) to known research colleagues for their personal use, use in a subsequent compilation of the author’s works, inclusion in a thesis or dissertation, preparation of other derivative works such as extending the Article to book-length form, or otherwise using or re-using portions or excerpts in other works (with full acknowledgment of the original publication of the Article).
Personal Use. Staff are permitted to occasionally use school ICT facilities for personal use subject to certain conditions set out below. Personal use of ICT facilities must not be overused or abused. The Data Protection Officer may withdraw permission for it at any time or restrict access at their discretion. Personal use is permitted provided that such use: Does not take place during teaching hours Does not constitute ‘unacceptable use’, as defined in section 4 Takes place when no pupils are present Does not interfere with their jobs, or prevent other staff or pupils from using the facilities for work or educational purposes Staff may not use the school’s ICT facilities to store personal non-work-related information or materials (such as music, videos, or photos). Staff should be aware that use of the school’s ICT facilities for personal use may put personal communications within the scope of the school’s ICT monitoring activities (see section 5.5). Where breaches of this policy are found, disciplinary action will be taken. Staff are also permitted to use their personal devices (such as mobile phones or tablets) in line with the school’s Bring Your Own Device Agreement, found in Appendix 5. Staff should be aware that personal use of ICT (even when not using school ICT facilities) can impact on their employment by, for instance putting personal details in the public domain, where pupils and parents could see them. Staff should take care to follow the school’s guidelines on social media and use of email (see section 5.1.1) to protect themselves online and avoid compromising their professional integrity.
Personal Use. You may only use your Account for personal use and are not permitted to use your Account or any content on for any other purpose including business or commercial purposes.
Personal Use. The Service and the CPE is provided by the Company to the Subscriber only for personal and non-commercial use and viewing in India. Consequently, the Subscriber is prohibited from using the Services and/or the CPE for commercials purposes or for any other purpose not contemplated under this Contract such as sale of access to the Service or sale of the CPE.
Personal Use. All Students residing in Res Ed or OSCA housing agree that the housing assigned to the Resident shall be used only by the individual assigned to the space and may not be transferred or assigned or sublet to another person. Residents may not be assigned to more than one (1) residency space at the same time or occupy more than one (1) space at the same time. The space will be used only for personal living, sleeping, and studying. No commercial business operation, solicitation, canvassing, sales, marketing or advertising will be conducted out of the assigned space. Residents should be aware that they are subject to all local, state, and federal laws, including those regarding gambling, firearms, and the use and possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs. The College’s policies and procedures regarding College housing and Student rights and responsibilities are detailed in the Student Regulations: Policies and Procedures.
Personal Use. Staff may use the network for incidental personal use in accordance with District Regulations, administrative directives, and other guidelines regarding computers, networks, and web pages. Staff use of the network shall incur no cost to the District.
Personal Use. Personal sick leave may only be used for personal illness or physical incapacity of such a degree as to render the employee unable to perform the duties of their position. In the event that an employee is placed on light duty restriction by a physician, the light duty assignment will replace the use of sick time. The Fire Chief will determine if a suitable assignment is available and the schedule the employee will work. If mutually agreed upon, the employee will work the light duty assignment. Sick leave shall be used in twelve (12) hour blocks and an employee must call in for each twelve (12) hour period during their shift, however, if an employee is capable of returning to work before the twelve