Terminal Building definition

Terminal Building means the commercial terminal building at the Airport.
Terminal Building means that building located on International Lane at the DaneCounty Regional Airport which is used by passengers enplaning and deplaning the aircraft of scheduled airlines.(29m) Terminal building base rate means the per square foot rental charge for any space in the terminal building and is intended to be approximately equal to the county cost recovery rate for the terminal building. The base rate is applied to terminal building space, including exclusively used space, joint use space and common use space, according to the formulas set forth in s. 67.26.(29r) Terminal building ramp means the aircraft parking and passenger boarding area located immediately adjacent to the terminal building.
Terminal Building means that building or buildings at the Airport used as terminals for passengers arriving at or departing from the Airport;

Examples of Terminal Building in a sentence

  • Tenant shall at all reasonable times retain in the Terminal Building Complex at least one qualified representative authorized to represent and act for it in matters pertaining to its operation, and shall keep Director informed in writing of the identity of each such person.

  • City shall provide in the Terminal Building Complex the following utility services: reasonable amounts of water, electricity, telephone, sewage outlets, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, to a point determined by the Director.

  • A final Agenda will be posted outside the District Offices in the Terminal Building at the Monterey Regional Airport 72 hours prior to the meeting.

  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the initial layout and design of all Alterations shall conform to Commission’s established architectural design scheme for the Terminal Building Complex and the provisions of Airport’s TI Guide.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the term “Airport” or “Terminal Building Complex” as used herein shall mean the Airport or the Terminal Building Complex, respectively, as the same may be expanded, contracted, improved, modified, renovated, or changed in any way.

More Definitions of Terminal Building

Terminal Building means the terminal building at the Airport.
Terminal Building means that building provided by the Airport Commission to serve the flying and non flying public at the Airport.
Terminal Building means all buildings and structures located within the airport and open to the public for the purpose of flight ticket purchase, public lobby, waiting, baggage check-in and those other services related to public air travel.
Terminal Building means the building commonly referred to as the passenger terminal building used primarily for enplaning and deplaning passengers and their associated services.
Terminal Building means the air carrier passenger terminal facility.
Terminal Building means the passenger terminal building, its curbside, and landscaped areas adjacent to the Terminal Building (also referred to in City Budget documents as “Jetport Terminal”)
Terminal Building means that building or buildings at the Airport used as