Personnel Records Sample Clauses

Personnel Records. (A) There shall be only one official personnel file for each employee, which shall be maintained by the employing agency. Information in an employee’s official personnel file may be maintained in electronic as well as paper form.
Personnel Records. Section 15.1 An employee may, upon request, inspect the contents of his official Agency personnel file except for confidential reports from previous employers. No grievance shall be kept in the personnel files after the grievance has been resolved except the resolution.
Personnel Records. Section 24.1 Each employee shall have the right, upon request, to examine and copy any and all material, including any and all evaluations, contained in any personnel records concerning such employee. The Union shall have access to an employee's records upon written authorization by the employee involved.
Personnel Records. The official personnel file is the file maintained by the University Human Resources Department or by the appropriate Human Resources Department of the coordinate campuses. No written documentation of prior disciplinary action shall be used as the basis for disciplinary action unless it has been entered into the employee's official personnel file, or if the employee has been provided written notification of recent disciplinary action. Written allegations of improper employee behavior that have not been used as a basis for coaching or are more than one (1) year old shall not be used as the basis for disciplinary action, nor shall they be placed in the official personnel file. Disciplinary action documents shall be sent to the appropriate Human Resources Department, where they shall be date stamped upon receipt, and shall be given priority in filing. Any employee shall be allowed to review all documents held in their official personnel file. Requests for such review shall be in writing and addressed to the appropriate Human Resources Department. Following receipt of such request, arrangements shall be made for the employee to review their file in the presence of a Human Resources Department representative. No one may remove material from an employee's official personnel file unless authorized to do so by the head of the appropriate Human Resources Department or their designee. Upon receipt of written authorization by the employee, their Union representative may schedule an appointment to review the employee's file. Copies of any document in the file related to a disciplinary action will be made upon request by the Union Representative. There will be no charge for the first ten (10) copies. A charge for all copies greater than ten will be at the departmental rate. Employees have the right to include or update a reasonable amount of information in their personnel files that may be pertinent to their job performance. Employees shall also be able to respond to performance appraisal or disciplinary materials placed in their official file. (See Article 23, Discipline, Section 6, regarding employee signature on standard University form attached to the written discipline.) Materials related to job performance or discipline that are placed in an employee's official personnel file by management must be copied to the employee. Materials placed in the official file by the employee must be copied to the employee's immediate supervisor. Materials that are designated for a...
Personnel Records. A referral to employee assistance programs shall not be referenced on a performance appraisal or evaluation, nor shall supervisors use the performance appraisal as a substitute for disciplinary action as defined in Article 22.
Personnel Records. 18.1 Each bargaining unit employee covered by this Agreement, or legal representative so designated in writing by the bargaining unit employee, shall have the right to inspect his/her official personnel file. Such inspection shall take place at reasonable times and at the location where the official personnel file is kept. The bargaining unit employee shall have the right to receive a duplicate copy of any item contained in his/her official file, at a reasonable cost of reproduction.
Personnel Records. Section One. An employee’s personnel file or “personnel record” is defined as that which is maintained at the agency level, exclusive of any other file or record.
Personnel Records. 31.01 A performance appraisal, including written progress reports referred to in 27.02 which are to be filed on the employee's record, shall be shown to the employee in advance. The employee may add the employee's views to such appraisal before it is filed. It is understood that such an appraisal does not in itself constitute disciplinary action by the College against the employee.
Personnel Records. Section 1. Each Agency shall maintain one (1) official personnel file for each employee, located at the primary Human Resources office for the Agency. For purposes of this Article, “Agency” shall include health-related licensing boards and institutions that maintain the official personnel files for their employees. Where the personnel records are maintained on microfiche/microfilm, the personnel file will include both microfiche/microfilm and any material not yet copied. Upon reasonable notice, an employee may inspect the records, excluding any confidential reports from previous employers, in his/her official Agency personnel file or supervisory working file; provided that, if the official personnel file or supervisory working file is kept at a separate facility, the employee shall, at the Agency’s discretion, either be allowed to go where the file is kept or the file will be brought to the employee for review within five (5) days of his/her request. With the employee’s written authorization, his/her Union Xxxxxxx may inspect the employee’s official personnel file, and supervisory working file, consistent with the time requirements provided herein. If the supervisory working file cannot be made available due to the absence of a supervisor, extensions of up to ten (10) days will be granted. No grievance material shall be kept in an employee’s official personnel file.
Personnel Records. Section 1. An employee may, upon request, inspect and copy the contents of his/her official Agency Personnel file. No grievance shall be kept in the personnel file.