Employing agency definition

Employing agency means a division, department, or separate

Examples of Employing agency in a sentence

  • Employing agency" means a division, department, or separate agency of state government and a county, municipality, school district, educational service district, or other political subdivision, covered by this chapter.

More Definitions of Employing agency

Employing agency means any agency authorized to employ personnel to carry out the responsibilities of the agency under the provisions of chapter 20 or other statutory authority.
Employing agency means an agency or department of the state of Iowa.
Employing agency means any agency or unit of government or any municipality or the state or any political subdivision thereof, or any agent thereof, which has constitutional or statutory authority to employ or appoint persons as officers. The term also includes any private entity which has contracted with the state or county for the operation and maintenance of a nonjuvenile detention facility.
Employing agency means the former or current state agency of the respondent during the time the alleged violation occurred.
Employing agency means the agency in the state personnel system where the covered employee is, or in the case of dismissal, was employed as prescribed in A.R.S. § 41-1830.16(H)(3).