Section 15.1 Sample Clauses

Section 15.1. 26 The District shall have the right to discipline or discharge an employee for justifiable cause. The issue of 27 justifiable cause shall be resolved in accordance with the grievance procedure hereinafter provided. If the 28 District has reason to reprimand an employee, it shall be done in a manner which will not embarrass the 29 employee before other employees or the public and in accordance with Section 4.2.
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Section 15.1. 11 Grievances or complaints arising between the District and its employees within the bargaining unit 12 defined in Article I herein, with respect to matters dealing with the interpretation or application of the 13 Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, shall be resolved in strict compliance with this Article.
Section 15.1. 2 Effective September 1, 2011, the District will no longer utilize non-continuing positions except 3 in the following conditions:
Section 15.1. 47 Employees shall be compensated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement for all hours
Section 15.1. 13 The term of this Agreement shall be September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2023.
Section 15.1. 13 The term of this Agreement shall be September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2024, with a wage 14 reopener during the summer of 2023.
Section 15.1. Effective for the life of this Agreement, bargaining unit members shall contribute 13% of the total cost of the monthly premium. The following plan details will be guaranteed for 2018 only:
Section 15.1. 15 Upon written authorization of any public employee within the bargaining unit, the District shall deduct 16 from the pay of such public employee the monthly amount of dues, certified by the secretary of the
Section 15.1. 46 When any employee leaves a school district within the State and commences employment with this 47 District, the employee shall retain the same leave benefits and other benefits that the employee had in 1 the previous position. Seniority rights are not transferable in any manner. Longevity shall be fully 2 transferable and is considered an "other benefit".
Section 15.1. 23 In the event an employee believes that the responsibility level of a his/her position's duties 24 and/or level of required skill and ability have been changed significantly so as to make 25 inappropriate the current salary placement, the employee will notify the President of the 26 Association: